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sinister sith top

Say what you want about the Dark Side, but they’ve always had cooler outfits as far as I’m concerned. Especially in the games and the rest of the Expanded Universe aka Legends. The coolness (and sexiness factor) is more than evident in this female Sith cosplay by MissSinister.

Photos by Robert Fousch.

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soul caliber

What happens when a hentai artist designs a skin for Soul Calibur? Well, let’s just say that that whole argument about effective female armor just suffered another setback.

Manga artist Yamatogawa made this “Magic Knight” outfit which can be worn by Ivy and Amy in Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.

Only in a fantasy world would this breastplate hold…anything.

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_DSC0526 edit

We always appreciate when readers send us their cosplay work, especially when it looks as good at this Pirate version of Poison from Street Fighter by Elena Blueskies.

Photography by Jaycee Estrella.

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Get you mind off the cold and snow for a moment and “Marvel” at the latest in superhero summer fashion. SciFeyeCandy has added these awesome Dark Phoenix and Deadpool-inspired bikinis to her shop.

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Ame-Comi Holiday Catwoman

This Ame-Comi Holiday Catwoman Cosplay by Leaping Lizard Cosplay is so good that I find myself wishing she had actually made the stand so she could pose exactly like the figure. Liz made the cosplay, which debuted at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando 2014.

I love it.

Photography by Short Fuse Pinups.

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The tables are turned as a group of men try on those ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes that come out for women each year. You know, the ones that feature barely-there bikini tops and frilly short skirts?

Guys might like looking at them, but once they give them a try, they have a whole new point of view. From sexy ladybug to sexy firefighter, these guys wear them all and their reactions are absolutely priceless.

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sexy middle earth costumes 1

Each Halloween brings new ridiculous batches of “sexy” costumes. Seemingly everything must be stripped down to scraps to show as much skin as possible. Artist MJ Alexander, a.k.a. Snartha, applied the trend to Middle-earth and came up with some pretty hilarious costumes. I’d actually wear the sexy Tower of Barad-dûr one pictured above.

See sexy Thangorodrim and Gollum designs after the break.

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We featured Skirts and Swords when they did their Sailor Moon Biker Gang Cosplay and we’re glad to be able to do it again with this new Gotham Bunnies cosplay inspired by the art of Oskar Vega.

Hugh Hefner never had it so good.

Head after the break to see their unique take on some of our favorite Batman Villains.

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lara croft gender bent cosplay

We often see gender bending cosplay that bends male to female, but it’s a rarer thing to see men making the switch into a female cosplay.

However, Dr. Teng went all in on this Lara Croft cosplay.

Good on him. Now I kind of want to see his version of Starfire.

Top pic via Anna Fischer.

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We featured cosplayer Casey Murray also known as The Queen Of Chibiland when she sent over her Apocalyptic Velma cosplay a while back.

Now she’s back with a new take on Velma. She’s definitely not that bookish girl from the cartoon.

Check out more of this shoot by photographer John Nettles Jr of City Light Studio after the break.

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