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We posted about photographer Jeff Zoet and his fantastic Hellgirl photoshop work last month and now he’s back on FG thanks to this amazing Scooby-Do vs. the Zombie Apocalypse photo shoot.

Velma is an axe-wielding badass, Daphne’s deadly, Fred’s armed and dangerous. Cosplay and photo skills have gone hand in hand in this stunning photoshoot.

Check it out after the break and I have a feeling you’d totally be down to watch this as a movie.

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zombie scooby doo

Ruh-ro! Those zombies don’t want Scooby Snacks! They want Scooby’s brains! Hope the Mystery Machine doesn’t flip over too easily.

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velma cyclops

Image via Comikaze. Send your cosplay pics to

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We all know that Velma is the smartest one of the gang, but who’d have thought she could be so sexy? This is cosplayer Eve Beauregard all dolled up and ready to sleuth out every clue. She’s beautifully photographed by Kris Ezergailis.

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scooby cosplay

Photo by merhawk.

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Velma from Scooby Doo cosplayed by Maria Ramos. Photographed by Digital Asylum Studios.

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Hello Hot Velma [Cosplay]

Hot Velma cosplayed by CrichyRulz. No doubt inspired by this classic Threadless t-shirt design.

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Velma: Zombie Hunter

Velma isn’t screwing around anymore.

Based on this Threadless shirt design from Travis Pitts.

(NPITV via Super Punch)

Unfortunately, Shaggy was at the controls so the Mystery Mech robot did nothing but sit on its ass, eat dog food and smoke weed.

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