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Scooby Gang 10s

We’ve seen our share of period makeovers for pop culture characters (the Mike Wrobel Game Of Thrones series comes to mind), but Julia Wytrazek’s Scooby Gang series is something new. In her Behance project, Wytrazek explains that she was inspired by the changes she saw in the characters from their debut in 1969. So, she decided to draw them for every decade of the 20th century.

Keeping their original color schemes, here are her reimagined takes on Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Fred. I personally love Daphne in the ’90s and Velma in the ’30s.

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velma cosplay

Cosplayed by BevanMaria.

Photo by Ronald Ladao.

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We featured cosplayer Casey Murray also known as The Queen Of Chibiland when she sent over her Apocalyptic Velma cosplay a while back.

Now she’s back with a new take on Velma. She’s definitely not that bookish girl from the cartoon.

Check out more of this shoot by photographer John Nettles Jr of City Light Studio after the break.

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Scooby-Doo and the gang wouldn’t be the same without their trusty Mystery Machine. Cosplayer Lyght Strife decided to take the colors from the familiar vehicle and transform it into a set of Iron Man armor, and it totally works. His friend Desiree Cosplay joined in on the fun by becoming Velma, and the duo took their creative costumes to Wizard World St. Louis!

Photo by BackBeat-Photography.

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We posted about photographer Jeff Zoet and his fantastic Hellgirl photoshop work last month and now he’s back on FG thanks to this amazing Scooby-Do vs. the Zombie Apocalypse photo shoot.

Velma is an axe-wielding badass, Daphne’s deadly, Fred’s armed and dangerous. Cosplay and photo skills have gone hand in hand in this stunning photoshoot.

Check it out after the break and I have a feeling you’d totally be down to watch this as a movie.

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zombie scooby doo

Ruh-ro! Those zombies don’t want Scooby Snacks! They want Scooby’s brains! Hope the Mystery Machine doesn’t flip over too easily.

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velma cyclops

Image via Comikaze. Send your cosplay pics to

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We all know that Velma is the smartest one of the gang, but who’d have thought she could be so sexy? This is cosplayer Eve Beauregard all dolled up and ready to sleuth out every clue. She’s beautifully photographed by Kris Ezergailis.

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scooby cosplay

Photo by merhawk.

(via Pinterest)

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