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Scissors Cuts Paper

Woah! Rock, paper, scissors just got real.

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The Star Wars rock band image has been floating around for a number of years now but, finally, someone had the good sense to put it on a shirt. I kinda picture the band having a Fleetwood Mac vibe with Leia as Stevie Nicks, Han Solo as Lindsay Buckingham and a giant, hairy beast behind the drums.

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Realizing that they should parlay their feud into a career, rock, paper and scissors decided to become luchadors and settle their differences in the ring.

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We all knew that paper beats rock, we just didn’t know it was to satisfy his S&M sexual fantasies. Think scissors knows anything about this?

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Gladiators Of Rock

gladiators of rock

After slaying the mighty Jonas Brothers on the arena floor with his trusty axe, this Gladiator was honored by the Emperor himself with the devil horns hand sign.

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Rock has been declared dead a number of times in the past. Each and every time it happens, paper has to come up with an alibi while scissors are never even questioned. Declaring paper guilty may be premature.

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Contrasting the Jewish culture with the rock band AC/DC is a bit like comparing apples to oranges, although the wording encompasses both perfectly.

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Rock must be a bit of a bully to always beat scissors when he knows he can’t lose. His shame is clearly evident on this shirt by his desire to have no one know what really happened.

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The major characters of Star Wars would make an excellent band. This pair of boxers has an excellent graphic that captures them on stage with each playing the appropriate instrument. Chewbacca is the crazy drummer, Han Solo is the lead singer, C3PO is on the keyboards and Luke Skywalker is the lead guitarist. You can see the rapt attention of the crowd on the rear.

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Besides being known as the band who took selling out to heights only reached by Disney, KISS may soon be known as the band who also ripped off their image from 18th & 19th century France. Until this “French Kiss” shirt came along they probably would have gotten away with it too. After all, how many of you have ever heard of a French rock band? … Exactly.

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