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transformer costume

Transformer costumes don’t actually have to transform to be impressive, and this one proves it. Derepentignymarc made this cool mech named Bolt, and it does have a lot of moving features. The fingers move, so do the eyes, mouth, and mask – it also lights up and smokes. Most importantly, the costume is flexible so he can get around in it. He did a fantastic job bringing this to life.

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Combine robots and space and dinosaurs and you have Grimlock. He was the leader of the Dinobots and he had some serious attitude and he was everyone’s favorite of the lot. Think he’ll make it into Transformers 4?

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Cyborg Face Paint

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It seems that robot movies always have that scene where they get their asses kicked in mid-air and suddenly lose their ability to fly, sending them plummeting thousands of feet to the ground. Thanks to this “Falling Robot” t-shirt, you can now wear the terrifying moment when they realize that gravity can be a huge pain in the ass.

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Android Robot Plush Bag

android-robot-bagIn addition to giving you the power make a call, check your email and ignore a friend on Facebook, Google may now hold dominion over your wallet and car keys thanks to the existence of an Android Robot plush bag. Granted, this example was created as a one-of-a-kind birthday gift, but the Android logo falls under creative commons from Google—so the idea is up for grabs. That means the little green men who invade Earth will be of our own making. Didn’t expect that one…

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Building up robot technology and making an army of them to repel the inevitable alien invasion has one possible drawback: Skynet. That sort of leaves you in the position of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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You have to think that no one feels so helpless as the poor goldfish stuck in his bowl with your owner’s feline assassins constantly alert for a chance to get you. How that balance of power would shift with a robot body and some mind reading hardware.

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This shirt will demonstrate your support for the next wave in non-traditional marriages: human and robot. How the machines view this coupling is an open question at this point.

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Robots are obviously no better than men with thoughts of sex in their heads 24 hours a day. A robot has a slightly different mental picture than a human male may, but the idea remains the same.

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