These are most definitely the droids you’ll be looking for on your wedding day. They were designed by Juan Hidalgo who specializes in making custom jewelry for any occasion. This particular set is made to resemble C-3PO And R2-D2. They may not always get along, but somehow they stay together, just like a lot of married couples.

Product Page (Pricing Varies via Cheezburger)

trek jewelry 1

Step boldly into fashion with RockLove’s chic sterling silver Star Trek collection. The company’s new line definitely has something that will catch the eye of any Trek fan; there are rings, necklaces, key rings, and pendants.

The designs feature the Enterprise (that docking ring pictured above is so creative), a phaser, a Klingon medallion, and some bands that feature quotes from the classic opening. The jewelry hits that sweet spot of being geeky but also classy enough to wear for any occasion.

You can pre-order any item in the collection now, and the jewelry will ship on November 15th.

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This gorgeous Bumblebee ring comes to us from the folks at CustomMade who help bring all sorts of nerdy jewelry designs to life (like this awesome TARDIS ring). They work with artists and clients to produce one-of-a-kind designs, and this time around, they worked with me to make two sci-fi car themed rings. It was a super fun experience that I highly recommend to anyone that wants something truly unique.

That having been said, I’m not an artist at all, and am lucky if I can draw a stick figure, but these guys took my ideas and turned them into real rings that are even more beautiful than I envisioned in my head. Since I’m a nerd and a car enthusiast, I decided I’d combine my two loves.

The first ring is Bumblebee, my favorite Transformer. He’s made from sterling silver with raised gold plating and little blue sapphires for his eyes. The second ring is kickin’ it old school with KITT from the show Knight Rider. He’s made of black carbon fiber over sterling silver with rubies and diamonds to make up that little red light that zips across his hood.

Both are available exclusively through CustomMade and are made to order in the size of your choosing.

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These stunning designs are the work of professional jeweler DansMagic based out of Washington. There’s an incredible selection covering just about every fandom with Ent and Mjollnir pendants, Koopa Shell and Transfomers rings, and more. From the product page:

My work is handmade using the lost wax method. I do all my own wax carving, casting, machining, and gem setting. I don’t send my work out, I don’t plate my work, and I take care to finish every piece just as beautifully as the master.

He’s also available for custom pieces and will work with you to come up with the perfect design.

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These rings are the work of Paul Michael Design who we’ve featured many times for his nerdy works of jewelry art. He’s turned his attention to anime this time with Sailor Moon rings available with your choice of stones. You can also choose silver, gold, or even platinum depending on how much you want to spend.

Product Page ($295 and up via The Mary Sue)

Lantern rings 1

Whether you want to join the Green Lanterns or the Sinestro Corps, Guild Jewellery has you covered with their sterling silver and enamel designs. The superheroic jewelry is officially licensed and looks beautifully made. They’re obviously ideal for your Lantern Corps cosplay but would also work with any outfit – anyone who doesn’t recognize the Lantern Corps symbols would just think you were wearing cool abstract designs.

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These adorable rings feature your favorite Studio Ghibli characters. They’re sold in sets of three with one Totoro, one Soot Sprite, and one No Face cut from high quality acrylic plastic. Each is made to order so you can specify your size and be assured of a perfect fit.

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Woodworker Peter Brown created an easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial on how to make a ring using a bunch of colored pencils. It might take some practice to craft one as fine as the one Peter made, but I have confidence in you! Good luck!

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It seems like more classy geek jewelry designs show up on the internet every day. Aren’t we lucky? The latest batch of gems I’ve spotted include the work of Austin Moore. The silversmith owns Earth Art Gem & Jewelry and has beautifully crafted rings from a wide variety of fandoms. His line-up includes Super Mario Bros., Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, Star Trek, and more. Some of the rings are more subtle, while others shout your favorite franchise loud and clear.

I’ll start making my wishlist now.

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These beautiful hinged titanium wedding rings made by McWhinney Designs not only look stunning, but are very practical. Each closes with a hinge that becomes a part of the ring’s design when it’s closed (kind of like a watch band). The styles have a bit of a steampunk feel with all the hinges and pins and they’ll fit more snugly around fingers with bony knuckles. They’re also perfect for those with active lifestyles as they can be removed easily with swollen fingers. They even have a lower profile so as not to interfere with activities like cycling, rock climbing, or sailing.

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