This stunning and subtle Doctor Who-inspired jewelry set is a perfect blend of fandom and high fashion. Using tungsten carbide as the base metal, this jewelry is ten times stronger than 18k solid gold and completely scratch proof. For long trips around the galaxy, this set will last for many regenerations.

The ring is engraved with the quote “Together Forever Through Time And Space.” You can also request to have the inside engraved free of charge. The rose gold and cubic zirconia of the pendant tiers down like a message from Gallifrey. And if you prefer one item, they can be purchased separately.

Product page ($49.95)


Maleficent is powerful and beautiful, but she’s also the “Mistress Of All Evil”. Etsy shop AOS Design custom makes this silver ring, then plates it in black gold with lab created rubies to represent her dark and sinister look:

“The prong settings are shaped like horns with the main stone representing her face and the other rubies representing her robe.”

However, if you prefer princesses over villains, AOS has you covered with more affordable designs. Check out more after the break…

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Inspired by the Omni Tool and Omni Blade from the Mass Effect universe, this gorgeously detailed ring is the work of Ammnra Creations. The design is 3D printed in wax, cast in bronze then hand polished and aged with black enamels to make the tool pattern pop. Although it won’t help you in a fight against Reapers, the super unique ring design will definitely make you feel powerful.

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hoth ring

This awesome Tungsten ring depicts the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back in silhouette with all its many ships and vehicles. It’s available in a range of sizes and can also be engraved with the message of your choice.

Product Page ($159.99)


Looking for the super unique accessory? Well mateys I’ve found you a mighty pirate ship being attacked by the monstrous tentacles of the legendary Kraken…on a ring!

Etsy shop owner KilroysAttic is literally going to sink my wallet because their jewelry designs are simply fantastic. The same shop that brought us Khaleesi Dragon and Egg ring, has traveled to the great seas to capture this iconic scene in resin.

“Meet Black Pearl, the fastest pirate ship in the Caribbean Seas! She won’t outrun your finger as long as her Kraken anchors her hull to your carcass!! Pearl will grace your scurvy fingers U.S. size 5 up to U.S. size 14.”

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The T-Rex was a fierce dinosaur, but this one probably won’t try to eat you for dinner. Maybe a nibble at your finger at most.

The T-Rex ring is available in either antique silver or antique gold finishes and is made of brass. There are a range of sizes available so you can have a chomping T-Rex on whatever finger you choose.

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Here’s a cute and super clever new way to pop the question. Etsy seller The Flippist aka Ben Zurawski will create a flipbook with cartoon art of your choosing and even a built-in spot for an engagement ring. It doesn’t have to be for an engagement either as he can create a book for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any event you want to commemorate.

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These beautifully detailed rings are the work of jeweler Theo Fennell. Each features an intricate exterior design that becomes even more amazing when you realize there are doors that open to reveal whole worlds contained within.

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He has a wide range of styles, including some from movies like The Wizard of Oz and The Secret Garden. You’ll have the weight of an entire world on one finger.

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Just the other day we featured a Doctor Who wedding ring set that was a real bargain. If Zelda is more your speed, you’ll want to check this out before you say “I do”.

This ring features both the Triforce and Legend of Zelda logo on a gorgeous tungsten carbide ring. It comes in a gift box and is available in both men’s and women’s sizes so you can sport a matched set.

The only question is, can you get it engraved to say “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone”?

Product Page ($39.99 via Game Freaks)


This Grey Warden ring from Dragon Age is the sure fire way to seal your fate. It’s available in silver-plated brass or sterling silver and includes the phrase, “In Peace, Vigilance. In War, Victory. In Death, Sacrifice.” Let the questing begin!

Product Page ($34.99 via So Geek Chic)