They make all sorts of cute little hooded towels for babies and toddlers, but this is the most fantastic one ever and it’s for adults too! The mane is made of rainbow polar fleece and the body is a 69″ x 36″ bath sheet so it’ll easy wrap around most grown-ups. You can even get it personalized so there will be no mistaking who owns the most awesome towel on the beach.

Product Page ($49 swissmiss via Incredible Things)

Seven-year-old me would have flipped out over a unicorn shirt. There’s a beautiful mythical creature and rainbows and a castle – in short, it’s everything you could want in an awesome tee. These designs (the other one features a different unicorn and castle) are magical, and they have everything except glitter.

If they weren’t so expensive, I’d buy them as gag gifts for friends and add the glitter myself.

Check out the other unicorn t-shirt after the break.

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First, a cloud gets drunk. Eventually, it pukes a rainbow…

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Why would you want to? Unless you’re on the road, or forced to take Dulcolax or Pepto, poop time may be the only part of your busy day when you get to sit back, relax, gather your thoughts and leave feeling 5 pounds lighter. What’s not to love?

Product Page: ($22)