star wars ring 1

Holy Ewoks! Look at these Star Wars ring designs! It looks like J.A.P. Studio had the license to make some creative Star Wars ring prototypes back in the late ’90s, and I wish they were available now. The statement rings feature more than just the usual suspects. I dig the R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett designs but there are so many more – like a rancor ring, Ackbar, Bib Fortuna, and the list goes on. They are weird and delightful, and if I could wear one of them on each finger, I would.

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r2d2 tank

Sure, this R2-D2 ladies tunic tank would make a great gift, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself—especially when said Star Wars tank is on sale for $18.75. That’s 25% off!

Product Page ($18.75)


This custom made fabric features a design that looks just like everyone’s favorite little droid. It’s a cotton knit R2-D2 infinity scarf that measures 34″ long by 6.5″ wide and takes about 4 weeks to make, just for you.

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r2-d2 tie

It’s becoming more common to see nerdy themes incorporated into formal events. Geeky weddings, anniversary parties, showers – you get the idea. If you want to show your passion but keep it fancy, this Star Wars R2-D2 Pattern Tonal Blue Italian Silk Tie is perfect and it’s coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop.

The 100% silk tie is navy blue with the astromech outlined in a repeating pattern in a lovely light blue. You can pair it with black, navy, or gray suits. I love the subtle look of this and hope to see more Star Wars designs like it in the future.

Pre-order now to receive the tie in November.

Star Wars R2-D2 Pattern Tonal Blue Italian Silk Tie – $49.99

R2-D2 princess

Course of the Force made its way through Southern California over the weekend, and it brought lots of costumed runners with it! The lightsaber relay run for charity had daily pit stops at piers along the coast called conivals. I stopped by the Santa Monica Pier for Friday’s conival and I spotted this adorable girl dressed as a Princess R2-D2. Her mother informed me they had participated in the relay earlier that day. The princess was as cute as can be.

Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

R2-d2 Dalek t-shirt

Even robots get confused from time to time. This one doesn’t know whether he wants to be R2-D2 or a Dalek. It’s a fun design, and you have to wonder how Artoo would communicate important Dalek phrases with his beeping. I’d like to think he’d be a friendly Dalek and teach the others how to be like him.

Product Page ($14.95)


Keep cool and embrace your inner sarcastic droid this summer in this R2-D2 Tank Dress. Just steer clear of Jawas and those nasty restraining bolts. It’s currently on sale for only $15 – that’s 43% off the list price!

Product Page ($26.50 $15)

R2-D2 corset 1

Astromechs can look sexy – especially when they’re printed onto a corset. This R2-D2 corset design by Etsy seller Pendragon’s Fancy is positively perfect. The droid’s pattern is printed right onto the cotton fabric, and the clasps are metal hooks (I have a corset with these and they are fantastic). It’s made to order and takes 6-8 weeks. Be sure to measure carefully so that you don’t make beep-boop noises when you’re laced up.

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Here’s one of those situations that is going to be impossible. How are any of us supposed to pick just one of these awesome Star Wars backpacks? There’s R2-D2, a stormtrooper, and a rebel pilot version, each of which is available for preorder now with delivery in August. The Force will be with you just in time for back-to-school!

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R2-D2 is an adorable little rascal of a droid made even more so as a costume hoodie by Her Universe. This tunic-style hooded top is the perfect thing to keep Star Wars fans warm on cool summer nights. It features an all over design with a hood that pulls up to make R2’s domed head.

Product Page ($40)