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Living Dead Clothing has unveiled a fashion collection that’s like awesome fan art and cosplay all-in-one. Say hello to Punk-style Sailor Moon rainmakers and skater dresses. I want them all.

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Storm is already pretty intimidating, but this punk version is almost frightening. Cosplayer Elio has outdone himself with this amazing punk interpretation of the character. The white mohawk and makeup are incredible and check out his lighting bolt earrings!

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You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the tracks Gundam Calling,  The Guns of Tokyo and Robot Bombs. The whole album sounds like it was sung by a Japanese Stephen Hawking.

Product Page ($23 via Boing Boing)

Ramones diaper bagAs a hardcore Ramones fan, I don’t know if this is cool or really depressing. Whatever the case, all you kids in garage bands take note: you know you’ve hit the big time when your likeness appears on a diaper bag used to haul around baby ass cleaning supplies.

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Your Dog Is So Punk


Uh-huh, nothing says non-conformist, anti-establishment punk like stuffing Fido into a camo mohawk hoodie with a little skull and crossbones emblem to add that extra touch of personality. I’d say it would be much cooler to dispense with the hoodie, break out the hair gel and take advantage of the fur styling possibilities. How about little Snowball walking down the street sporting a neckhawk, bellyhawk or tailhawk?

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