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The folks behind Espanto played host to an epic reunion between Predator actress Elpidia Carrillo and the Predator himself.

As you’ll see in the pictures below, the years have mended any bad blood between the two. In fact a really weird romance may have blossomed. [click to continue…]


Cosplayer Kendall Bailey has created a dangerously beautiful female Predator cosplay based on this killer statute.

It’s cool to see a cosplay based on a custom model kit. It’s like a double dose of artist creativity.

I’ll tell you one thing. I wouldn’t want to be alone in a dark room with her.

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predator son of a bitch patch

Remember that scene in Predator when Dutch and Dillon first see each other? Dutch says, “You son of a bitch!” as a friendly greeting, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers clasp their muscled arms together in a gratuitous way. This silly but great patch from Future Zine captures that moment. It might be the greatest patch ever made. It should be a merit badge or something.

Check out the scene from the movie after the break…

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At first glance, this looks like a painting of Predator’s face on a canvas, but take a closer look. It’s actually his face painted on Paul Roustan’s torso with his arms forming the hair. As he breathes in and out it makes the face come to life. He even did a second camouflaged version.

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mando in hawaii

This Mandalorian cosplay by plasticcraq would be fantastic all on its own, but it being shot in Hawaii just ups the awesome level in a big way.

When you add the the photography by Photocyclone, it’s seriously kickass.

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predator cosplay

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camo predator

If you’re a Predator fan, now you can wear this Predator Camo Sublimated tee to both show off your fandom and make other people feel dizzy.

I bet someone could have a blast at cons walking in front of someone cosplaying a Predator.

The shirt runs from size small to 3XL.

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We first saw this adorable baby Predator at a convention taking on Boba Fett, but now he’s got a photoshoot all to himself. He was captured in all his deadly cuteness by Albert Lien of Simply Colorful who also happened upon a vicious pirate fairy during the shoot. Looks like they came to terms, as the whole thing ends with a lovely picnic.

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Predator and Boba Fett may both be deadly, but here they are only killing you with cute. If you recall from yesterday, he was also spotted with the Power Rangers, posing his little heart out.

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baby predator 1

Conventions have a lot of awesome sights to offer, but it’s hard to beat kid cosplay. One adorable child stole the show at WonderCon with his insanely adorable Predator costume. When he put the mask on and started walking around, he looked like a tiny bobblehead. It’s the kind of cute you have to look away from because it’s hard to process.

Above photo by Mark Yturralde.

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