Who knew the cast from Adventure Time would be even cuter as little round polymer clay charms? Each adorable friend is hand molded by Etsy shop owner Egyptian Ruin, then painted and coated with protective varathane. There’s over 30 charms to choose from and this bracelet holds a whopping 14.

The shop also has charms for fans of Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Studio Ghibli, Mortal Kombat, and more.

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If Pikachu and Umbreon were some sort of futuristic samurai, I believe this is what their battle gear would look like. It looks serious and deadly and I don’t want to even think about their final forms. Cosplayer SpiritRising7 designed both impressive warrior suits, noting that for Pikachu:

“Costume has light-up eyes and lights on sword (electric plasma light) and shield. Due to bright outdoor photo, weapon lights were turned off to conserve battery life and glow effects added in PS (shoutouts to RokuRex).”

Photos: B1NH Photography & Miss Ansa

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Friend of redditor yllwsnow2 got super wasted and decided to tattoo this hot mess on himself (though it could be just a marker drawing). The burnt-to-a-crisp Charmander is based on HatBoy’s brilliant Tim Burton-styled Pokemon.

Naturally, the Internet ran with it. In no time at all the tattoo was a meme that evolved into t-shirts, bottles, jewelry, cross stitch patterns, and more.

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It is the nature of the geek world to mash things up, so it’s not surprising that someone created a world in which The Joker would wield the Charizard Pokemon card. Seems fitting that it would be his Pokemon of choice.

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Seriously guys, how unbelievably adorable are these cameos? According to Etsy shop Little Breezes Crafts, these sweet characters are made soley from polymer clay; nothing is painted. From head to toe these cameos are detailed, adorable, and super affordable.

Her shop has a ton of other super sweet pendants featuring characters from Frozen, My Little Pony, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon and more.

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These adorable hooded tops will keep you cool in the coming summer months (if they ever get here) while proudly displaying your fandom. Etsy shop owner TheGr8Pretender has a tons of styles to choose from including Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and even Totoro.

Now you can express your geeky self with these comfortable cotton tops for a price that won’t break the bank.

Check out more styles below.

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This first ever online cosplay April Fools’ was a complete success! On April 1st hundreds of cosplayers, including the legendary Zee “JiNxXx” Kotwal, dressed up as Pokemon’s Misty and changed their profile pic in nearly the same pose exclaiming:

“I can’t wait to debut my new Misty cosplay at Cerulean City Comic-Con!! #Pokecon”

This is one of the best and well-spirited online group trolls of all time. Every picture and tag was uploaded at the same time and feeds were suddenly overrun with adorable pictures of men, women, and children sporting pigtails, suspenders, and peace-signs.

Check out all the Misty’s and the story behind the prank after the break.

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If you’re a Pokémon trainer, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I mean, you’ve got to catch ‘em all, right? Start with this awesome Pokémon dress. It’s made from polyester and it features pics of everybody’s favorite starter Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu!

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This is Termina Cosplay as gijinka version of Red Gyarados Pokémon. Gijinka is a fan interpretation of a Pokémon in a human form. She also made a Blue Gyarados for a friend and they debuted their costumes at Con+Alt+Delete in Chicago last year. She used Worbla and foam for the shoulder fins, cast and painted resin for the Pokéballs, and sewed the tail to include an invisible string to make it move.

Pictures by Ardent Papers Photography.

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pikachu totoro hat

At least I hope it’s a hat.

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