We already saw some spectacular Pokémon Go cosplay from our friend Ginny Di, and now we have Lyz Brickley doing a great job representing Team Valor.

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Pokemania has gone from a simple plague to full on armageddon levels. So now is the perfect time to unload related products—like, for example, this adorable female Pikachu on a new line of cosmetics and accessories coming out of Japan.

Stationary, totes, eyeshadow, nail polish and more have super cute female Pikachu art and colors. Prices range from 150¥ ($1.50 USD) to 3000¥ ($28 USD).

All of this is more cute than I can handle. Check out more products in the lineup below. [click to continue…]


We’ve featured the Pokémon Gijinka (humanized) designs of Grumpy Old Bastard Creations in the past, but he’s been hard at work adding to the collection in the months since. In fact, he’s been working on making cosplay props based on the designs. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

pg vests

We recently spotted our first Pokemon Go cosplay and now we’ve discovered our first Pokemon Go-themed Trainer vests by Volante Design. These vests are handmade in the US and have a zipper pocket on each side to keep basic items secure—like two portable battery chargers. They also have webbing on each side of the hip for other stuff you may want to clip on—like extra battery chargers.

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Volante also says the first 40 orders will be numbered special editions, so if you want one, you may want to hurry. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Cosplayer Ginny Di sent us a tip on her Pokémon Go cosplay with the best title I’ve seen from a tipster yet, “Pokémon Go cosplay (yes, already)”.

To be honest, I’m surprised it took this long considering the game’s insane popularity. It seems like everyone on the planet is playing!

She also asked me to tell you she’s Team Mystic, in case you wanted to know. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

pokemon go dress top

Of course there is.

Add this unofficial Pokemon Go-inspired dress to the list of must-have Pokemon Go accessories. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

pokemon go accessories

By now, several of us have begun our journeys as trainers in Niantic Labs’ hit new augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. The new mobile title based on Nintendo’s hit game franchise is helping people explore their surroundings in new ways, and it’s getting tons of us out of the house. But when it comes to long-haul trips like those required by the game, even the most physically fit trainer can find themselves weary.

So, here are a few suggestions for creating a trainer ensemble that will make your journey a bit easier (which you should cap off with comfortable shoes, of course). [click to continue…]

Poké Lips


Stare at the mouths. Yeah, this is even weirder to look at when you’re delirious from Pokémon Go-related exhaustion.

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pokemon jewelry top

Just in case any Pokemon GO players out there are taking a break to read FG while they rest their legs, I have more Pokémon goodies for you and these ones are gold, silver, and shiny.

The U-treasure by K.uno collection from Japan includes necklaces, engagement rings and wedding bands. Pikachu platinum and diamond wedding ring, anyone?

You can also customize several of the pieces to add your choice of metals and precious stones. Simpler designs include a Gengar ring, and a Pokéball band.

Plus, each piece of jewelry comes in a handsome Poke Ball box (unless you’re one of the first 400 orders. In that case, you get a limited edition Poke Ball gift case).

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Pikachu and Eevee are ready to hold your stuff and look super cute doing it thanks to two new 3D molded backpacks from Bioworld.

The main compartment is a protective shell featuring Pikachu or Eevee’s giant head with their ears adorably popping out from either side.

Pokemon 3D Molded Backpacks ($49.99)