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We’ve seen people cosplay Pokèmon and we’ve seen people play Pokemon trainers, but this cosplay by 4 Itchy Tasty Cosplay at Anime Expo pairs the trainers with their Pokèmon as puppets and it’s pretty much perfection.

In addition to being one of the cosplayers, Brett Horn created the puppets which are built to mimic the Pokèmon they’re based on.

They were definitely a hit at Anime Expo and I’m thinking they’ll be out again given how popular this cosplay was.

You can check out more pictures and a video of the puppets in action after the break…

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UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that this design was created by tumblr user purplekecleon and Poprageous used it for their dress without permission from the artist. The dress has since been removed from sale.

Get stylish with just about every Pokémon creature in the Pokédex by wearing this skater dress from Poprageous. It’s covered with pocket monsters, but you don’t have to be a trainer to rein them in. You do have to be prepared to deal with an intense amount of cuteness though.

See a close-up of the pattern after the break.

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super misty

We do like our gender bent cosplays around here, but we’re pretty sure this one counts as the buffest Misty ever.

Cosplayer and entertainer Zee “JiNxXx” Kotwal can deadlift 484 pounds, but has just as much fun lifting Pikachu.

From what I can tell, he also seems like a super nice guy.

Photos via Zee’s Facebook and E Photography.

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If you play Pokémon, then you’re used to seeing Officer Jenny everywhere. She cracks down on thieves and somehow manages to ride a motorcycle in a super mini skirt. Cosplayer Siren’s Belle looks exactly like the character in this image; she just needs a Growlithe to complete the look.

Photo by Beethy.

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Dugtrio costumes

Pokémon is full of odd characters, and the Dugtrio are among them. The strange brown creatures look like fingers, and you never see their bottom halves. One piece of fan art imagines that underneath the dirt, the Dugtrio is really three men with super buff bodies. Well, Redditor Zalot and his friends brought that concept to life at Fanime 2014. Their group cosplay finally revealed what the entire Dugtrio looks like, and it’s not so bad.

See two more pics of the costumes after the break.

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poke ball ring box 2

It’s important to keep your wedding rings safe and sound and stored in style until your big day, and Poké Balls do the trick. Leli Moo made these for her wedding, and I love the finish she used on them. She also chose a classy display box for the Poké Balls – just another example of how geeky touches can be appropriate for fancy events!

Photos by A Shutter in Time.

See what the boxes look like closed after the break.

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gender bent pokemon

Cosplayed by Zee and Evey Dantes.

(via Reddit)

Avengermon! [T-Shirt]


Forget trying to catch ‘em all, it’s time to avenge ‘em all! What would happen in a world where the Avengers meet Pokémon? Mostly, there would be a lot of squealing over the adorable factor. Because seriously – just look how sweet Pikachu is as Thor (the hair!). I want to play the Marvel version of Pokémon immediately.

Product Page ($25.52 via Gamefreaks)

pikachu armor

When Pikachu takes a stand, he doesn’t kid around. This Pokémon meets Warhammer 40K cosplayer was spotted at Supanova in Melbourne by Instagram user furbeach. There’s so much to appreciate about this ensemble. I love the Poké Ball shoulder piece, the ears on the helmet, and the lightning bolt on the belt piece. Even his staff is awesome!

Take a closer look at the costume in the photo after the break.

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umbreon dog 1

There’s an easy way to play Pokémon that most of us probably aren’t considering: you can collect them all by dressing your pets up as the pocket monsters. It’s the most fun loophole ever!

DeviantArt user leafeon-ex decked his dog out in a full Umbreon costume, and she looks like she belongs in the game! The creepy red eyes means I’d be completely freaked out if I saw this dog walking down the street, but once I got close enough, the cute factor would win me over. This canine is clearly a good sport.

See another picture of the pup after the break.

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