Oh, so that’s how Charmander gets his fire abilities! I mean, if eating a fire flower works for an Italian plumber, it’s bound to work for a Pokemon, right? If you dig this Charmander-munching-on-a-dead-fire-flower design, you can get it on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, pillowcase or as an art print from Naolito.

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The weather is turning colder and pretty soon you’ll be freezing so you’ll need a scarf to keep warm. This roll-up Pokéball scarf is just the thing with it’s red, black, and white pattern. This two-ply scarf is handmade with acrylic yarn and measures 6′ 5″ long. It looks like a regular striped scarf when it’s around your neck, but roll it up and you have an instant Pokéball.

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scyther cosplay 1

Scyther is a bug-like creature in Pokémon. He’s a cool little monster but not one I would ever expect someone to cosplay. Termina Cosplay proved me wrong with her creative costume design for Scyther. She’s been a fan of the monster since the first generation, and she made the armor and blades from Worbla and the wings from wood frame, wire, and cellophane. The ensemble looks incredible.

Photos by Reid Brazel.

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pokemon fett

What if Boba Fett was a Pokémon? He’d clearly have to be Wobbuffet and be called Wobba-Fett. It’s never a mash-up I saw coming, but it’s clever and kind of perfect – plus, that helmet is rad. Boba Fett could certainly benefit from Wobbuffet’s psychic abilities. He’d find Han Solo all by himself if he had those.

Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

(Reddit via Cheezburger)

pikachu maid 1

A Pikachu Cafe is currently open in Tokyo, and the restaurant recently hosted an event that featured a Pikachu maid. Celebrity Rika Adachi dressed as pocket monster maid for the event (maid cafes are apparently a thing in that part of Tokyo), and her appearance makes sense since she’ll be appearing in the latest Pokémon movie as Marilyn Flame. I’m not sure why she didn’t dress as her character, but I guess it is a Pikachu themed restaurant.

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The definition of cute can mean many different things to different people, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll be able to agree that this pack of Pikachus (Pikachai?) having a party in Yokohama, Japan for the “Pikachu Outbreak Event” is one of the most adorable things ever.

A special Pikachu was distributed to players during the event. According to Bulbanews, “Pikachu will have an OT of Minato Mirai and will be level 10. It will come in a Cherish Ball and will have the Event Ribbon. It will have the moves Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Surf and Hold Hands.”

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pokemon plush glasses start

While we can’t know for sure what started this Pokémon in glasses meme, we’re guessing the marketing material for the upcoming Pokémon sunglasses may have had something to do with that.

Regardless, there’s a sudden influx of pictures of Pokémon wearing glasses and, really, isn’t that all that matters?

Top photo by JohnTV.

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pokemon cosplay a

We’ve seen people cosplay Pokèmon and we’ve seen people play Pokemon trainers, but this cosplay by 4 Itchy Tasty Cosplay at Anime Expo pairs the trainers with their Pokèmon as puppets and it’s pretty much perfection.

In addition to being one of the cosplayers, Brett Horn created the puppets which are built to mimic the Pokèmon they’re based on.

They were definitely a hit at Anime Expo and I’m thinking they’ll be out again given how popular this cosplay was.

You can check out more pictures and a video of the puppets in action after the break…

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UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that this design was created by tumblr user purplekecleon and Poprageous used it for their dress without permission from the artist. The dress has since been removed from sale.

Get stylish with just about every Pokémon creature in the Pokédex by wearing this skater dress from Poprageous. It’s covered with pocket monsters, but you don’t have to be a trainer to rein them in. You do have to be prepared to deal with an intense amount of cuteness though.

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super misty

We do like our gender bent cosplays around here, but we’re pretty sure this one counts as the buffest Misty ever.

Cosplayer and entertainer Zee “JiNxXx” Kotwal can deadlift 484 pounds, but has just as much fun lifting Pikachu.

From what I can tell, he also seems like a super nice guy.

Photos via Zee’s Facebook and E Photography.

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