If there’s one thing Pokémon fan artists love doing, it’s Gijinka – human versions of Pokémon. Artist and cosplayer SunsetDragon has taken it one step further, however, by knocking out these amazing Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Gijinka of each Eveelution (the various Type evolutions of Evee, who can be evolve using a number of different elemental stones in the games).

Most people would’ve stopped at the delightful-to-say-out-loud “Flareon Barbarian” and let the joke end there, but thankfully SunsetDragon has drawn all eight Eveelutions as well as regular ol’ Evee herself, each with her own D&D class.

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We’re glad she did, because they look absolutely stunning. She’s also said she’s absolutely okay with anyone out there who wants to cosplay as her designs, which is incredibly awesome of her!

Check out the full set below.

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Cosplay and Pokémon meet in these Pokémon Gijinka (humanized) fantasy warrior redesigns by Grumpy Old Bastard Creations. Each one is a custom design for cosplay purposes.

See more examples below.

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Pokemon Eevee Plush Backpack

eevee plush backpack

This Eevee won’t be able to evolve into something big enough to hold your laptop, but it’s definitely a super cute way to tote around your smaller stuff.

Product Page ($22.50 $15.75)

pokemon trainer hats

These Pokemon X&Y trainer hats from Etsy seller Akiseo are made of fleece, so you know they’re super warm. Plus, they come in every color imaginable (custom options are also available).

Product Page ($20)

brock cosplay

Her eyes are open, but we’ll let it slide since this femme Brock cosplay awesome in every other way.

Cosplay by sassmira.

(via Reddit)

bunni pokemon swimsuits 3

Last time we wrote about Blue Bunni Cosplay’s swimwear designs, she was inspired by Disney. This time, she’s all about Pokemon.

These designs aren’t available for purchase on her Etsy store yet, but Bunni is working on getting them made. Demand has overwhelmed supply—and with cute designs like this, I can see why.

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eveee costume hoodie

Know the stats:

Number: 133
Type: 60% cotton; 40% polyester
Category: Evolution
Height: 1’0″
Weight: 14.3 lbs
Abilities: Run Away, Adaptability
Weaknesses: Fighting, Washing In Warm Water

Product Page ($54.50-$58.50)

pikachu hand tongue

Yes, Pikachu has a human hand for a tongue. Whatever. The most surprising thing about this picture is his complete disregard for hygiene. I mean, I don’t see any pockets for hand tongue sanitizer.


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rousey pikachu

By now you’ve probably heard that Ronda Rousey loves Pokemon—but maybe there’s more to it than that. Maybe, Pokemon is the secret to her success.

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Etsy shop Geek and Freak has a wonderful and super sparkly collection of Poke Ball-inspired jewelry including this necklace, ring, and matching earrings. Wrapped in sterling silver, the Poke Ball is made with a double tone red-white cubic zircon stone with a small white CZ in the center.

Catch a closer look at the whole collection after the break.

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