Pikachu and Eevee are ready to hold your stuff and look super cute doing it thanks to two new 3D molded backpacks from Bioworld.

The main compartment is a protective shell featuring Pikachu or Eevee’s giant head with their ears adorably popping out from either side.

Pokemon 3D Molded Backpacks ($49.99)

gijinka pokemon

About as far back as I can remember, gijika (humanized) Pokemon cosplay has been a hit at just about every convention I’ve ever attended. So when I saw this amazing fan art set by artist Tamtamdi, ideas started churning.

Not only does this colorful set bring Pokemon to life in fun ways, it also focuses on cool, body-positive designs.

Check out more of these designs below.

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I have to admit, when I first saw Termina Cosplay‘s take on Pokemon’s Ho-Oh, I was totally blown away. She was kind enough to share additional photos with us and—just WOW.

Photo by Vontography.

Take a closer look in the pics below.

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pokemon collection

Uhhh…I don’t think this Pokemon lingerie is going to look right under clothing. Panty lines? More like a “diaper with ears”.

Actually, the weird thing is that Yummy Mart, a Japanese lingerie brand, is using the image above as a promotional tool for their officially licensed Pokemon collection, which consists of fairly typical/semi-practical items like sleep masks, shirts, underwear, etc. That is to say, the plush set isn’t going to be available for sale.

That’s a missed opportunity if you ask me. I’m sure that there would be many Pokemon fans that would rock this look in a heartbeat.

(Kai-You via Kotaku)


Etsy seller Ye Olde Nerd Shoppe has 3-D printed a super cute Poke Ball box for only $20, and it got me thinking.

This would be perfect for an an engagement ring. Or maybe just a standard box for jewelry or knick knacks. It even has a push button release.

Check out more pics and a build video below.

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Every day, the internet seems to surprise me with its power to make almost anything cute. Such is the case with these adorable toads, who are the tiny companions of Twitter user Shuka Moe, a creative student from the Tokyo University of Agriculture.

Here’s how these cute little costumes were created:

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What’s cuter than a cuddly, lovable Pokémon? Well, how about a whole mess of baby Pokémon wearing adorable onesie pajamas? GeekXGirls turned us on to ItsBirdyArt‘s fun illustrated series, and if you look closely, you’ll notice that the Pokémon are wearing onesies of their respective final evolutions. Which one is your favorite? I’m thinking Squirtle, hands down.

Check out the rest of the series below.

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This past Saturday, an adorable herd of 20 enormous Pikachus took to New York City, meandering throughout Manhattan as part of a celebration of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary. They first popped up near the Brooklyn Bridge, and then they wandered through Manhattan before finally ending their cute parade at Penn Station. Plenty of folks were able to grab some great pics and videos, and it’s pretty fun to watch these guys navigate their way through one of the busiest cities in the world.

The Pikachus had a handler, and their job was to keep the costumed Pokemon moving in unison. The handlers used whistles, which you’ll hear in the videos below, to let the Pokemon know when to move forward.

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pokemon cosplay top

How awesome is this Pokemon cosplay?

If you dig Elizabeth Rage’s Venesaur Ball Gown, you can order one of your very own in her Etsy shop.

The two-piece ensemble can be made to your measurements and features an adjustable corset bodice in hand painted brown textured leather, a full suede skirt embellished with glass beads and vinyl leaves.

She also notes that the headband, bustle flower, gloves, ears, choker, extra flowers and parasol and starter hoop skirt all included. Yay!

Check out more pics below.

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We’ve seen our fair share of gijinka (humanized) Pokemon cosplay / artwork, and Double Helix’s Umbreon is something special.

Photography: Blondiee

Check out more pics from the series below.

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