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gotham girlies

These cute “Gotham Girlies” are new to our Nerd Approved Shirt Store and on sale for just $14 for a limited time!

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Poison Ivy is a popular choice for cosplayers. That said, I’ve seen wildly different takes on the character. Even though I’ve seen a steampunk version of the Batman villain, I’ve never seen anything quite like this mad scientist spin by cosplayer Rei-Doll, a.k.a. Irene. Her creative costume was inspired by art by Jennifer, and the detailed props and background make this photo series extra spectacular.

Photos and decor by Soldatov Vladimir.

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dc villains underwear pack

We’ve already seen a Harley Quinn 3-pack of panties this month, and now you can add The Riddler, The Joker, and Poison Ivy to your collection. Although, I don’t know if I want anything that looks like poison ivy that close to me, but you may feel differently.

It’s fun, flirty and in character and they come in sizes small – 2X.

Product Page ($24.99)


Artist Tom Kurzanski imagines DC Comics villainesses Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as Derby Girls in these awesome t-shirts.

As Kurzanski himself noted about the designs:

“What better way to portray strong female characters than the world where femininity and power go hand-in-hand? Roller Derby.”

The GC Rollergirls are already looking strong with Criminal Miss Conduct and Bad Seed on the roster. I’m thinking they might win it all.

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Pirate Poison Ivy

Argh, beware the newest pirate on the water: Poison Ivy. She’ll use seaweed and kelp to take yer ship down into the deep. Kidding aside, this is an incredibly creative take on the Poison Ivy look – the pirate touches suit the character. I’d go plundering with her.

Photo by David Ngo.

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Harley Quinn does whatever she can to please her beloved puddin’. If that means she has to rob a bank, fight Batman, or take on the entire Gotham City Police Department all on her own, she’ll do it—and she’ll make a gag out of the whole thing too. In short, Harley is one insanely fun character, and cosplayer Bethany Robinson totally gets it.

Bethany told us that Harley is one of her favorite characters to cosplay, and she passed us a few pics of her latest outfit. As you can see from the image above, Harley loves a good photobomb.

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Cosplay is cool, and one of the coolest things is that no matter how often you see the same costume, it’s rarely an exact replica. Each cosplayer adds his or her own touches and modifications that make a costume unique. It may only be a difference of fabric or wig styling, but it’s there. These Black Cat and Poison Ivy costumes made and worn by La Esmeralda are great examples. They are beautifully created and photographed, which helps them stand out from the crowd.

Black Cat photos by Grauton Studio, Poison Ivy photos by Hanja Litzba.

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Looks like Poison Ivy has Batman just where she wants him in this beautiful cosplay featuring Callie Cosplay. The pair is captured in photographs by David Love Photography.

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rockabilly poison ivy and batman

Classic takes on comic book characters like Batman, Poison Ivy, and Nightwing can be fun and well done, but I like seeing something different. Cosplayer Cherry Valance and friends saw Denis Medri’s 1950s rockabilly re-design of the franchise and got inspired. They got all dressed up as the characters and went out for a milkshake date and fun at Zak’s Diner in Ottawa. It’s all wonderfully charming, and I adore the costumes and poses. I would have loved to see the looks on the faces of other patrons in the establishment.

Photos by Patrick Imbeau.

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This beautiful Victorian-style cosplay features Danicosplay Stocking as Poison Ivy and Fanini Rabbids as Harley Quinn. They seem to be having a wonderful time until Batman shows up and then they’re ready to rumble.

Photography: Arturo Vega

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