pikachu march

This year’s big Pikachu event in Yokohama, Japan featured a mesmerizing, synchronized Pikachu march.

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darth chu

Someone please give an award to cosplayer Nana Bear for the most unique mash up of the year for this Darth Vader Pikachu cosplay. Now that I’ve seen Darth-Chu, I can’t unsee it—but that’s okay because I love it.

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pokemon cover up

Hopefully Sh*tty Charmander guy sees this.

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If Pikachu and Umbreon were some sort of futuristic samurai, I believe this is what their battle gear would look like. It looks serious and deadly and I don’t want to even think about their final forms. Cosplayer SpiritRising7 designed both impressive warrior suits, noting that for Pikachu:

“Costume has light-up eyes and lights on sword (electric plasma light) and shield. Due to bright outdoor photo, weapon lights were turned off to conserve battery life and glow effects added in PS (shoutouts to RokuRex).”

Photos: B1NH Photography & Miss Ansa

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If you’re a Pokémon trainer, you’ve got your work cut out for you. I mean, you’ve got to catch ’em all, right? Start with this awesome Pokémon dress. It’s made from polyester and it features pics of everybody’s favorite starter Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu!

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You probably had no idea Pokemon could be so sexy and classy, right? I’m about to blow your mind with this super cute pin-up style Pikachu dress from Etsy shop owner KooKeeBoutique. She totally nails this character re-imagined as a retro cocktail dress making Pikachu’s rosy cheeks into sleek hip frames and his ears into straps. The yellow and red fitted frock is meant to hug the hourglass curves, but each dress is made to your own measurements.

These sexy pin-up dresses come in a ton of nerdy flavors including Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Check out more examples after the break.

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pikachu totoro hat

At least I hope it’s a hat.

This shirt is new in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store and can be had for $14 for a limited time!

Product Page ($20 $14)

unicorn scarf

Not sure if you can commit to that full back tattoo of a unicorn? Well now you don’t have to with these gorgeous scarves. Etsy seller VolareShop makes majestic unicorn scarves by hand. When opened across your back, the 5′ x 8″ wing span can be displayed in all its glory.

And amazing as this print is, the shop also offers scarves with images of a phoenix, Maleficent, and even a Hippogriff.

Click below to see more incredible wings.

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nerdy winter wear

The temperatures are dropping which means winter is on its way! As you’re preparing for cold winds and snow flurries, why not update your winter wardobe with some new geek fashions?

Whether its clothing or accessories, you can find gear for the chilly weather that’s inspired by basically every fandom. Find a variety of comfy, stylish winter options for both men and women after the break.

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pikachu maid 1

A Pikachu Cafe is currently open in Tokyo, and the restaurant recently hosted an event that featured a Pikachu maid. Celebrity Rika Adachi dressed as pocket monster maid for the event (maid cafes are apparently a thing in that part of Tokyo), and her appearance makes sense since she’ll be appearing in the latest Pokémon movie as Marilyn Flame. I’m not sure why she didn’t dress as her character, but I guess it is a Pikachu themed restaurant.

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