pikachu armor

When Pikachu takes a stand, he doesn’t kid around. This Pokémon meets Warhammer 40K cosplayer was spotted at Supanova in Melbourne by Instagram user furbeach. There’s so much to appreciate about this ensemble. I love the Poké Ball shoulder piece, the ears on the helmet, and the lightning bolt on the belt piece. Even his staff is awesome!

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Pikachu is the most well-known Pokémon of all so it makes sense that he’d be the one on these adorable clothes. There are various styles of leggings with his cute little face, several tops, and even a dress and a mini-shirt. Go catch ‘em all!

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pikachu sneezing

Yup – it’ Pikachu sneezing. Very cute. But the best part is that this shirt can be had for only $12 today. Grab it while you can because the price goes up tomorrow!

Product Page ($12/Today Only)


Pikachu is one of the cutest Pokémon there is and now his title is assured with this Doctor Who mash-up t-shirt. Doctor Chu is going to save the galaxy with his sonic screwdriver and 3D glasses at the ready!

Product Page ($17.99-$19.99 via shirtoid)

Pika-Thor Cosplay


Deviant User and Cosplayer gbright1 as Pika Thor!

(via Cosplay Blog)

Pikachu Guinea Pig

(GPIH via Pinterest)

Sad Pikachu

(via Lazy Gamer)

Pokemon Nesting Tee 1

The creatures of Pokémon have evolved over the years. They’ve remained adorable and huggable even though they’ve gone through size and feature changes. Artist Michael B. Myers designed a line of t-shirts showing how Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle have developed. You can see the transformation in the form of nesting dolls, and they are conveniently tucked into Poké Balls.

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If you thought this Totoro bodysuit was disturbing, then we’ve got more fodder for your nightmares. I don’t get the lure of the body suit, but apparently enough of you do that there are a whole bunch of them out there from Mario to Pikachu to Power Rangers. To each his spandex-clad own, I suppose.

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Pimpkachu brings all the Pokémon to the yard with his snazzy yellow coat and very stylish hat. I especially love that his walking stick is topped with a blinged out pokeball. It really couldn’t be anything else.

This guy should get a glittery gold star for originality!

Photographed by Larry Hullum, Jr.

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