Game Of Bones [Cosplay]


These costume-wearing doggies are playing The Game Of Bones, which simply requires that they look absolutely adorable. Yay! It looks like they won!

The above set, which is a tribute to Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, was created by Samantha Watt, Cynthia Martin and Dorothy Barnard of Dallas, Texas. The three ladies worked for nearly two months to create the costumes and the throne. The bones are made from foam and are covered with bondo resin and drywall mud, and then they were painted to look like iron. The dogs participated in a couple of costume contests in Dallas: Bull-O-Ween and Pug-O-Ween, which are held in order to raise support for rescue organizations in the area. Last year, the dogs won both competitions with their Breaking Bad-themed costumes. You can check that award-winning ensemble after the break along with more Game Of Bones pics.

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Halloween can be really rough for costume-wearing dogs. Maymo the Lemon Beagle and his sister Penny went trick-or-treating this year, and their humans made them wear a whole mess of different costumes. But all the wardrobe changes were worth it in the end thanks to some tasty doggie treats.

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This Chewbacca dog might not pull your arm out of its socket, but he could kill you with cute. The picture was posted by redditor ejara80 whose friend dressed up the little pooch and entered him in a Star Wars costume contest at Petco. He won third place, which seems entirely unjust because he is the cutest ever. Perhaps there was a Jedi mind trick involved in the judging.

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It doesn’t matter how badly your day started because this little cosplaying Corgi will put a smile on your face. His name is Kiba and he’s cosplayed everyone from Link to Mario to an assassin. He is adorable and I would very much like to steal him and make him my own.

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Okay, so not really that terrifying since it’s a life vest for your dog with a bright blue fin on the back. Still, this life vest will keep your pooch floating even if he gets too tired to paddle, and the fin is even functional. Should you need to grab your dog, it’s like a built-in handle. All the most stylish dogs are sure to be sporting shark fin life vests this summer.

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The cat version of Far Cry 3‘s Vaas looks even scarier, and possibly more insane. It’s the fault of Russian photographer and artist Nikol Lisova who posed her cat, Masaya, along with some poor stuffed animal buried up to its neck. Yup, with that mohawk and the gleam in its eye, the cat is definitely scarier than Vaas.

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Hedgehogs are innately cute little things to begin with, but when you dress them up the cute is almost unbearable. These pictures feature Marutaro with a variety of paper masks and accessories that turn him into everything from Pikachu to Olaf the snowman from Frozen to a rabid angry version of his usual hedgehog self.

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These are the perfect bags for animal lovers. Etsy seller Ben Tsang has made them in the shapes of different animals’ heads with their images on the front. You can choose from a whole variety of cats and dogs and there’s even a raccoon in there to mix things up. And yes, if you want one sporting your pet’s face, he does take custom orders.

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This Spock dog hoodie is an officially licensed Star Trek: The Original Series product. It comes in a range of sizes so it’ll fit your tiny little dog or your giant beast. It pulls right over your dog’s head and will help keep him warm when the snow falls.

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The neat thing about having pets is that you can dress them up however you like at Halloween. They can’t do a darn thing to stop you from turning them into the most adorable superheroes on Earth. These costumes are designed for the tiniest of pets like hamsters, guinea pigs and even chinchillas. I may have to go buy a guinea pig just so I can turn him into Captain America because he’s so darn cute. Look at that little shield!

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