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Meet Fuzzberta, the adorable guinea pig that loves to cosplay. She has a costume closet to be super jealous of too—it includes characters from Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and more. Along with her big sister MiniGuineaPig (MGP), their creative mini photo shoots have gained them over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

This sweet little face in costume could brighten up any day. Check out more cuteness overload after the break.

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goat minions

People dress up their pets all the time. This usually means putting the family dog or cat in a costume, but this time around it’s a pair of twin Nigerian dwarf goats. I wonder how Gru would feel about having a couple of these guys join the team?

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sailor moon guinea pig

You do. I don’t make the rules!

Above, one of a family of guineas owned by Twitter user @chikuwa_kintoki. “Owned” may not be the appropriate term. More like given free food and lodging and awesome clothes by—because pet owners know who’s really in charge. All she asks is that the pigs dress up like Sailor Moon now and then.

Below the cut: Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Mario, Chun Li, Luffy from One Piece, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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dog dino

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corgi la forge tattoo

Corgi LaForge tattoo by Westhanded at EOD Tattoo in Denver, Colorado.

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We’ve all seen dogs and cats wearing cosplay, but what about hamsters? I honestly didn’t think it was possible (um… they are rather small), but Japanese Twitter user @ykh31 was able to create some clever manga cosplay “costumes” for her hamster, Mojako, and it actually looks like the little guy likes getting all dressed up.

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batdog and robin

I thought corgis were the kings in the category of pet cosplay, but I was wrong. Miniature dachshunds could steal the crown. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund (he actually has a blog) and his brother Oakley donned Batman and Robin costumes and became heroes. They managed to leap into action and defeat a scary burglar without breaking a sweat.

Watch the daring heroics in the video after the break.

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GotG dogs

There might be a time when I don’t find Groot and Rocket Raccoon to be two of the cutest characters on the planet, but it is not today. The duo got an extra boost of “awww!” thanks to these dogs. Their owner dressed the pups as Groot and a little tiny Rocket Raccoon, and while the costumes don’t look super comfortable, they are amazing.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn shared the photo collage on social media and said, “This photo just may be the peak of my existence.”

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Remember that pic we posted of LeVar Purrton, the kitty cat that was all dressed up to look like Star Trek’s Geordi La Forge? Well, it looks like there are now two adorably cute, VISOR-wearing pets in the Starfleet now.

Check out Corgi La Forge, who’s depicted above hanging out on the beach after taking a well-deserved break from barking at Klingons all day.

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