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little red riding hood

The. Best.

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toothless dog

There aren’t enough treats in the world to get my dog to sit patiently through the process of building this Toothless costume (or wear it for that matter). It’s a real How To Train Your Dragon Dog kind of situation.

However, if your dog is cool with it, the results can be pretty spectacular.

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With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about costumes–and when I say costumes, I mean costumes for the whole family, pets included.

So, in honor of the upcoming Star Wars film, maybe you should consider dressing up your furry feline or canine friend as a dewback? Sure, dewbacks–the large, toothy lizards that the Empire and other denizens of Tatooine used to get around town–aren’t exactly warm and friendly in the movies, but as you can see from the above pic, the costume is pretty darn cute. Who knows? Maybe ratcheting up the cuteness factor will help that tiny plush stormtrooper find the droids he’s looking for.

Product Page ($29.99)


Sanrio just launched a line of super cute pet cosplay outfits that include Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pompompurin.

The collection also includes tons of accessories for your pets like mascot key chains, leads, collars, bowls, and doggy backpacks. Check some of them out after the break along with a video of the costumes in action.

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Magic Cats Need Wizard Hats


From the moment we met, I knew my cat was special. For one thing, he makes every single friggin’ mouse toy I get him disappear. Seriously, where do they all go?

Magic. That must be the answer.

This regal and inflatable wizard hat looks great and it glows in the dark. “Magic cats love it!” And to prove it, there’s a wizard kitty after the break who’s totally relaxing in his hat.

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crochet star wars hats for pets

We’ve featured Etsy seller iheartneedlework in the past with her crochet viking helmet for cats, but now she’s back with something even more fantastic—Star Wars-inspired Darth Vader and Princess Leia crochet hats!

Or should I say Darth Pug and Princess Kitty?

Product Pages: Dark Lord / Space Princess ($25-30)

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Meet kitten Captain Levi, the newest and most adorable member of Survey Corps from Attack on Titan. Cosplayers gathered for the live-action movie premiere in Taiwan, but no one expected to see this sweet, fuzzy kitten in costume. Naturally, he stole the show.

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leeloo cat

Here’s exhibit A from Comicbookgirl19. But did Khufu Beans the cat wear Leeloo better than this dog?

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Cosplay should be for everyone—including your fur babies. On that note, these high-quality dog costumes are an ideal option. Just look at the detail in the Link inspired costume! Etsy shop HachiCorp uses fine materials with great attention to stitching, color, fit, and character accuracy.

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