pet cosplay

gecko atat battle

Why didn’t GEICO think of this?

See how the magnificent cardboard costume came together in the following gallery.

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As a Supernatural fan, I’d like to personally thank Fashionably Geek reader Lisa Sikorski who sent in these photos of her dog Rory cosplaying Castiel.

Roriel’s costume was hand-sewn save for the wings, but I love the way he has hair then doesn’t. I also chose the pic up top to lead things off because he looked the most like a soulful Cas.

There are more pictures after the break. Go check ’em out.

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corgi stormtrooper

While Winston the White Corgi may be a little short for a Stormtrooper, I can tell you that I’d surrender to him in a hot second because I’d be done in by the adorbz.

Check out the video after the break.

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daryl dixon cat

Thanks to Redditor Nursesambo, we now know what Daryl Dixon would look like as a cat.

I really wish he made a cameo in this video.

Check out an additional picture after the break.

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cat armor top

Tremble before Bobo the Battle Cat!

Wait…get up Bobo. This isn’t the time for napping! Come on – don’t turn your back on the enemy! Stop licking yourself!

Okay, so Bobo isn’t cut out to be a warrior cat—but maybe your cat is. Fortunately, his human Jwall has provided all of the files you need to 3D print the cat armor yourself on his Thingiverse page. There’s also a video after the break that details the process (plus you can get a better look at Battle Bobo).

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1493178409265187728 copy

YouTuber pkgingo has an adorable dog named Menchi that loves to get dressed up for Halloween. This year, Menchi’s sporting a pretty spot-on Fox McCloud costume. If you stick around after the break, you can watch Menchi do a barrel roll for a treat.

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star lord dog

As James Gunn notes:

First day of shooting and @prattprattpratt is so comfortable the second time around he chose not to wear pants to set.

Image via jabba_and_leia.

corgi cosplay

This Welsh Corgi is named Wally and he loves to cosplay. Recently Wally took on the challenge of cosplaying all 13 Doctors and, in honor of Back To The Future Day, one adorable Marty McFluffy.

Check out all of his regenerations after the break…

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Most cats can’t handle a costume, but not Pirate Cat! This tabby, named Zon, has got serious swagger and gives no quarter to those that stand in his way of buried treasure kitty treats.

Check out the video, yet ye be warned…thar be cuteness beyond the break…..

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little red riding hood

The. Best.

(via Reddit)