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If Guillermo del Toro never gets the opportunity to make Hellboy 3, we can take solace in ‘Hellpugs’ by Pupstar Sonoma.

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As you’ll see on the Pupstar Sonoma website, they really went all out with the costumes.

rey cat

Rey the cat is pictured here just seconds before committing murder.

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It’s time to take a little vacation to Phloston Paradise with the greenest cat cosplay possible.

Ruby Rhod never looked so good. Check out the photos below.

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Beam Me Up Kitty [Cosplay]

spock cat

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Doge: Wow. Many Cosplay

doge cosplay

Twitter user C_Suzuki has two Shiba-inu that love to cosplay (or at least tolerate it).

Yes…much amaze. Such cute.

See more examples below.

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petco star wars

There’s been an awakening at Petco. The pet store just announced their new Star Wars Pet Fans Collection with new bedding, home accessories and toys for cats and dogs.

I also spotted what appears to be a Death Star hamster ball (which hasn’t been released yet), and it makes me want to run out and buy a hamster immediately. UPDATE: It’s a dog treat ball – damn.

It’s all really cute. Between the costumes, the awesome Chewbacca cat bed and all those adorable pet socks, there’s a lot here for Star Wars fans and pets alike.

Check out some selections from the new collection below.

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Hare Wars: A New Hop


Matt Christensen recently cast his rabbit, Roger the Grump, as the star of a new series of Star Wars cosplay photos dubbed “Hare Wars: A New Hop”.

Thanks to his abundant fur, the Grump was fitted with a bandoleer and transformed into an adorble Chewie before taking his place alongside plastic examples of the franchise’s most memorable characters.

See him hanging out on the Millennium Falcon, Death Star and forest moon of Endor in the pics below.

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I’m about to take a few days off, so I’m sending you wishes for a happy holiday (whichever holiday it is) with some adorable Star Wars cats and dogs cosplay videos.

Its probably the best gift ever.

Without further ado, I present Interactive Legendary Yoda’s Jedi Cat Training and Star Wars Wieners:

Check out the videos after the break…

ganondorf cat

Hyrule will tremble before the mighty Ganondorf.

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pawsma 3

Between the stunning armor and Gwendoline Christie, I already thought Phasma was awesome. However, this Captain Pawsma cosplay has convinced me to join the Furst Order.

Seriously, too cute for words. Check out more pics in the tweet below.

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