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A few years ago, Jason Isenberg was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. To give him and his wife Cheryl an escape, they turned to cosplay. Now that Jason has made a recovery, they’ve added a dog to the mix – a Boxer dog named Fable.

How to they celebrate expanding their duo to a trio with the addition of a puppy-wuppers? Easy – Dragon Age cosplay. Jason is cosplaying as Cassandra, Cheryl is cosplaying as Cullen, and Fable is cosplaying as the dog sometimes referred to by fans as Barkspawn. Neato!

Photos by Gapple. Check out more pics from the series below. [click to continue…]


Put a tiny dog in a simple Pac-Man costume and set it loose in a maze to pop balloons while dodging googly-eyed ghosts on sticks. That’s a recipe for good Internet right there. See Pac-Pup in action below. [click to continue…]

Classic Harley Quinn Cat

harley quinn cat

Our friend Izabel Cortez has shared her new and improved Harley Quinn cat. It’s an even better match to her own spectacular Harley Quinn cosplay.

You can keep up with Izabel’s cosplaying cats on their Garfieldzilla Facebook page.

star trek cats

Meet Iriss & Abyss, twin sister cats with identical heterochromatic eyes and a love for Star Trek. Not surprisingly, they’ve taken the Internet by storm with many calling them “the most beautiful cats in the world”.

They want you to live long and prosper. I think it’s only right to listen to them. I feel compelled to listen to them. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Daredevil Dog [GIF]

daredevil dog

Or, as one Reddit user noted “Mutt Murdog”. Check out the GIF below. [click to continue…]


The online game Touken Ranbu (which translates to “Violent Blade Dance”) has picked up a pretty big following in Japan. One of the main characters is an anthropomorphized sword named Yamanbagiri Kunihiro. Twitter user @y0sh1m1 posted photos of this kitten dressed as the character and, naturally, the Internet ate it up. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

atat pug

I think AT-AT pug is all the proof you need. Not enough? You are a tough sell my friend. Check out more examples below that will surely melt your cold heart. [click to continue…]


We’ve covered plenty of cats in shining armor, but now dogs can join the battle.

Etsy seller Lebovskiart specializes in medieval armor, including this version for dogs. It’s made from aluminum and is custom-built to your dog’s measurements. Lebovskiart will even take feedback and suggestions if there’s a particular motif or tweak you’d like to make to their design!

It doesn’t come cheap, though – suits run $367 plus the cost of shipping from Bulgaria. If you want to snag yours, you can do so here.

(via Technabob)

© _2016 Cindy Kelleher. Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas.

The well-known motto of the 501st, “Bad Guys Doing Good”, rings true once again thanks to a photoshoot with Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas.

See Also: Donning a Costume For The Sake of Charity

These wonderful pics from photographer Cindy Kelleher were created in support adopting a dog over purchasing one from a breeder or puppy mill.

Check out more cute photos below.

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Dogpool Wins WonderCon

dogpool top

Deadpool has a new best friend.

Pupolar cosplay pup Kiba the Cosplay Corgi let his inner merc out at WonderCon with a costume that was hand-made by his owner, Nicole. Good thing there were no cats there in chimichanga cosplay.

Check out more pics below.

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