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Meet 4-year old fashion designer Mayhem. Well, okay, Mayhem’s not her real name – it’s the name her mom Angie gave her daughter once she started posting pictures of the paper dresses she and her daughter started creating.

This all started when Angie noticed Mayhem wasn’t all that into princess dresses, but she was all excited about wrapping herself in scarves and bedsheets to create dresses for herself. Which must have led to a serious increase in laundry and ultimately led to a new construction material.


Wrapping paper, construction paper, tissue paper, even plastic bags depending on what they wanted to make. Angie says that the designs are a 50/50 split, and Mayhem helps as much as possible with the taping and gluing. Even when Angie’s doing some of the outfit building, Mayhem’s right there, watching and learning.

The results are pretty amazing.

Between their website and Instagram, Angie and Mayhem sure have a lot of fans and I’m pretty sure they’re inspiring all sorts of budding fashionistas all over the world.

Check out more of Mayhem’s killer fashion after the break.

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Tokyo-based Japanese designer Azumi Mitsuboshi created these paper ‘Kami Megane’ backup glasses for emergencies. The 1mm holes punched in the lens area supposedly helps wearers focus their eyes without degreed lenses.

As convenient as this sounds, there doesn’t yet seem to be any reviews or science to back up the claims, so its probably best to protect the glasses you have. Then again, hipsters will probably love them either way.

Product Page: (900 Yen, or about $12 via DesignTaxi via IncredibleThings)

Scissors Cuts Paper

Woah! Rock, paper, scissors just got real.

Product Page ($20)

Realizing that they should parlay their feud into a career, rock, paper and scissors decided to become luchadors and settle their differences in the ring.

Product Page ($10/Today Only)

These guys need to be fattened up so they can begin their lucrative career of decorating tables at wedding receptions.

Product Page: ($16)


We all knew that paper beats rock, we just didn’t know it was to satisfy his S&M sexual fantasies. Think scissors knows anything about this?

Product Page ($23.94)


Rock has been declared dead a number of times in the past. Each and every time it happens, paper has to come up with an alibi while scissors are never even questioned. Declaring paper guilty may be premature.

Product Page ($15 tee, $40 hoodie)

paper high heelsBefore you let your lust for hideous shoes get the better of you, it should be pointed out that these high heels are made out of paper, so they’re only good for collecting dust and giving you the urge to pick up a Rubik’s Cube or play internet Tetris.

Product Page: (Availability Unknown)


If you have a square piece of paper, a pen and a little spare time on your hands then you can make your very own paper fortune teller. The only hindrance to getting the fortune you want is a halfway decent short term memory.

Product Page ($8)


The game of rock-paper-scissors has been around for far too long without being updated. Adding Spock and lizard as valid entries opens the whole game up, but it is only fun if everyone knows the rules. Just think of yourself as the new ambassador of the game when you wear this shirt that shows all the interconnected relationships. My favorite has to be that paper disproves Spock.

Product Page ($28.99)