Yuengling also added strawberry to their ice cream lineup, but that bit of news was buried DEEP under the crushing weight of the Butterbeer announcement. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

The Sobro Coffee Table is attempting to reinvent the coffee table in much the same way as the Coolest Cooler attempted to do with coolers. That is to say, it is packed with useful functionality, like Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, charging ports, touch control and even a refrigerated drawer. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

Indeed, the same company that brought you Star Wars and TMNT tiki mugs is back with versions for Star Trek and characters in the Marvel universe. Check out all of the new releases on That’s Nerdalicious

Tattoo Dave is the kind of guy that thinks to mashup Boba Fett and a Toblerone (with the amusing name Boblerone), then drives right by sensible chuckle and parks at “let’s make this into a resin figure”. The question is, are you the kind of person that chuckles, or the kind of person that is already pulling out their wallet to buy Boba Fett in the shape of a Toblerone? See more on That’s Nerdalicious

You have lots of choices when it comes to wine holders, but you’re a kooky bastard. No, you’re going with something fun even though it only holds one freakin’ bottle. A T-Rex Wine Guzzler is clearly the choice for you. The question is—do you want one that is alive or dead? See more on That’s Nerdalicious

When they make that blockbuster baked potato movie, this little guy should be the star. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

Krispy Kreme has teamed up with Lionsgate to promote the upcoming Power Rangers movie with a limited-time offering of Rangers-themed donuts. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

Surprisingly, you don’t need to smash all of the pots in your kitchen to acquire these colorful Legend of Zelda Rupee sugar cookies. In fact, they’re super easy to make. All you need is this cookie cutter and the instructions from Rosanna Pansino. Check out the video on That’s Nerdalicious

I don’t have confirmation on this, but The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook author Peggy Paul Casella may have gone into the sewers to raid Michelangelo’s pizza recipe box. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

Everyone knows that 99% of the flavor for wine and spirits depend on how cool the bottle is. Based on that factual piece of information, Mucha Liga Tequila must be the best ever thanks to stylized luchador mask bottles. Check out all four varieties on That’s Nerdalicious