Disney/Lucasfilm is determined to Star Wars up everything in your kitchen that’s even remotely lightsaber-shaped. There have been lightsaber immersion blenders, cutlery, BBQ tools and even chopsticks. Now you can add lightsaber salt and pepper grinders to that list. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

Sarnia, Ontario-based dessert shop Sugar Sugar has captured the internet’s attention thanks to their Cotton Candy Burrito – a concoction consisting of an ice cream core wrapped in a cotton candy “tortilla.” See more on That’s Nerdalicious

Burger King is following up on their Froot Loops shake with another cereal collaboration. See how you can make it even better on That’s Nerdalicious

Dean is back in Hell, only this time it’s a kitchen oven and he’s a mitt. Lucifer is making cookies while wearing this. No wonder he’s screaming.

Dean Winchester is only one of many fandom-themed oven mitts, pot holders, and aprons available in the NerdyNoveltyDesign Etsy store. Check out some additional designs on That’s Nerdalicious

T ime Lord technology has been applied to beer, and nothing will ever be the same. I assume that this TARDIS stein can hold infinite amount of beer, and is capable of traveling backwards and forwards in time so you can enjoy the greatest beers in history. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

From That’s Nerdalicious: Summoning a Meeseeks to season your food seems like a wasted opportunity. Menial jobs like that should be given to the Pass The Butter Robot. No, Mr. Meeseeks needs a challenge.

‘Rick And Morty’ Mr. Meeseeks Salt And Pepper Shaker Set ($17.99 via GeekAlerts)

We’ve seen glowing cakes and pies in the past, but the concept is at its best when applied to a donut. I mean the name “Glonut” just works. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

It’s never been more fun to enjoy sushi thanks to innovations like sushi trains and themed chopsticks. However, those experiences pale in comparison to eating sushi fresh off a Ferris wheel. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious

This is it. The teapot that the Galactic Empire uses in the Death Star break room to serve tea with those cookies they’re so famous for. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

In the wake of the wildly successful Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride, Disney has been finding new and edible ways to capitalize on the cash cow that is Groot cuteness.

First, “I Am Groot” sipper cups began popping up for sale, and now Disneyland has debuted bread shaped like the sentient tree’s head. Read more on That’s Nerdalicious