You don’t need to head into a dungeon to acquire a Boss Key – just order one from Fangamer. They have the Legend of Zelda key available as a necklace pendant so you can keep it nearby at all times for your treasure chest opening emergencies. The key is double-sided and die-cast metal, features two red gems, and comes with either an antique or polished finish.

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This Konami Code necklace is the perfect jewelry for gamers. The code is formed out of 3mm mirror acrylic with the code engraved on the back. Each piece measures about 3/8″ across and the chain is 18″ long with a magnet clasp in the back.

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This absolutely wonderful Star Trek Galileo Shuttlecraft necklace is the latest by Paul Michael Design. We’ve featured many of his nerdy jewelry designs in the past, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The shuttle opens like a locket to reveal six gems to represent the passengers in either yellow, blue, or red. You get to pick which colors you want in your shuttle, but better not pick too many redshirts or the whole thing will go down in flames.

Product Page ($395 and up via technabob)


This necklace features one of the most well-known sound waves in all of sci-fi. It’s the vworp vworp sound of the TARDIS captured in a visual form. It’s available in either acrylic or wood and measures 3″ by 1.5″ and comes on your choice of a silver or black plated chain.

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nautilus necklace 5

One of the most memorable scenes from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is when the giant squid attacks the Nautilus. Artist Marty Magic has brought that moment to life with a lovely pendant available in silver and bronze. She worked with her husband to create the intricate piece; he printed a 3D image of the Nautilus, and she sculpted the tiny squid from wax. The result is an incredibly neat and wearable piece of literature.

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sherlock necklace pendant 2_featured

Carry a piece of 221B Baker Street with you at all times with Honeybourne Jewellery’s new Sherlock-inspired line. The star of the collection is a sterling silver miniature replica of Sherlock Holmes’ front door. It’s highly detailed with the door numbers, a knocker, and letter box highlighted in 18 carat gold gilt. It’s available as a necklace pendant.

You can also get a design that says “If Lost Please Return to… 221B Baker Street” as either a pendant, cufflinks, or a pin. If you can’t choose, simply go with the most logical decision: one of each.

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link jewelry 1

Are you ready to arm yourself for a tiny adventure? Then don’t go alone! Take this Master Sword and Hylian Shield pendant by Etsy seller Nastalgame. The Legend of Zelda plastic necklace is pixelated and only about 3.5 centimeters tall. You can split the shield and sword apart and use the pendants as a friendship necklace, or you can clip the sword to the back of the shield and wear both pieces at the same time.

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Art Fire seller Geeky Goddess Creations has a beautifully crafted line of cameos featuring characters from all your fandoms. There’s the TARDIS, Adipose, the Serenity, Pikachu, BMO and more. Each is hand molded from polymer clay, measures 40 x 33 mm, and comes on an 18″ adjustable chain necklace. She also takes custom orders so you can have her make whatever nerdy design you desire.

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Heart-shaped lockets are swell and all, but if you’re looking for a lovely locket that’s a bit more accurate then you’ll have to pick up one of Peggy Skemp’s necklaces.

Most of Peggy’s jewelry is inspired by nature, and her heart locket line is a tiny testament to the complex, natural beauty of the human heart. It’s accurate inside and out and the chain passes through the superior vena cava and the left pulmonary vein. The locket itself hangs anteroinferiorly (towards the front but slightly below), much like the human heart. They are also not designed to hold pictures, but are solely meant to serve as artistic testaments to the complexity of our bodies.

The lockets are handmade, and they are available in sterling silver and gold. The latter locket can also be made to include diamonds.

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league of legends jewelry 1

Thresh, the Chain Warden in League of Legends, has a distinctive look. He seems to glow from the inside out, and Etsy seller TrinketySlot has captured that in her jewelry inspired by the character. The Scythe and Lantern set are miniature versions of Thresh’s prized weapons. Warning: neither charm actually harvests or stores souls.

The pieces have much of the detail of what you see in the game, and you can even get them engraved. Items are made to order, but turnaround time is just 1-2 business days.

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