NASA has come up with some new designs for the next iteration of its spacesuits and they’ve opened it up to the public to vote on which design will be the final choice. The Z-series started off with the Z-1 prototype but the public will vote on the next phase, the Z-2. They explain thusly:

After the positive response to the Z-1 suit’s visual design we received, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide this new suit with an equally memorable appearance. The cover layer of a prototype suit is important as it serves to protect the suit against abrasion and snags during the rigors of testing. With the Z-2, we’re looking forward to employing cover layer design elements never used in a spacesuit before. The designs shown were produced in collaboration with ILC, the primary suit vendor and Philadelphia University. The designs were created with the intent to protect the suit and to highlight certain mobility features to aid suit testing. To take it a step further, we are leaving it up you, the public, to choose which of three candidates will be built.

There are three designs, each focusing on a different area. The “Biomimicry” suit draws inspiration from the ocean with electroluminescent wire that become visible in low light, just like bioluminescent creatures found in our oceans. The “Technology” suit features Luminex wire and light-emitting patches designed to make it easier to identify crew members during space walks. The final design is “Trends in Society” which uses electroluminescent wire in a suit designed to look like the everyday clothes we might wear in the future.

You can vote for your favorite through April 15, 2014 at 11:59pm EDT.

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Adam Savage has a thing for space exploration. The fedora-wearing special effects designer with Mythbusters even owns his own custom-made replica of a NASA Apollo flight jacket.

But now he’s got something even better than a jacket: a replica spacesuit! Yep, he recently acquired a custom-made NASA Mercury-era spacesuit replica. According to Tested, “it’s the iconic U.S. Navy Mark IV suit designed by B.F. Goodrich Company and worn by astronauts like John Glenn.” The suit was crafted by a professional costume company called The Magic Wardrobe, and it’s technically a hybrid design that blends a whole mess of modern and vintage tech and clothing.

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Odds are that one day the Earth will run out of resources and we’ll all be forced to make a one-way trip to the nearest planet to start a crazy-cool space colony. So, to get yourself all prepped for heading out into the great unknown, you should probably get one of these new space jackets from Betabrand. The company (which describes itself as being “boldly different, yet also completely wearable and well-suited for space”) created this jacket as an homage to the American space program. Here’s what designer Steven B. Wheeler had to say:

I designed this jacket as a tribute to the continuing legacy of American spaceflight. I wanted it to embody everything I loved about the space program, and to eventually serve as an actual flight jacket for present-day astronauts on missions to the ISS. I drew my design inspiration from the exterior of the Space Shuttle, with the quilted lines of stitching echoing the paneled surface of the spacecraft. The white, non-woven Tyvek shell also calls to mind the EVA suits worn by astronauts during spacewalks. The inside lining is a silvered nylon taffeta, chosen not only because it visually references the “foil” MLI used on the exterior of satellites, but also because it helps retain radiant body heat.

The prototype includes a replica of the STS-53 shuttle mission patch, the famous NASA “worm” logo used from 1975-1992, and an American flag shoulder patch, like the ones on EVA suits.

Betabrand is currently raising funds online in order turn this awesome jacket–which is still a prototype–into a product that you normal Internet folk can actually buy. As it stands now, the project is fully funded and will begin shipping in May. However, you can still score 10% off the price if you purchase before the deadline.

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dear nasa from pluto

Remember how NASA decided Pluto wasn’t a planet because of its size and location? Yeah, it was not cool and possibly not fair. Getting downgraded to a dwarf planet from full on planet had to be a sad day for the object in space. In a moment of revenge, I’d like to think this t-shirt shows a note Pluto wrote to NASA. The former planet makes a perfectly valid point.

Product Page ($33.99)

space nipple

Was the nipple landing faked? The debate rages on.

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This Star Wars themed interpretation of  the NASA logo focuses on Han Solo – the man, the smuggler, the legend – and his speedy ship. After all, the Millennium Falcon is cooler than any shuttle we’ve launched into space—so far.

Product Page ($24.52 via Gamefreaks)

This new prototype spacesuit called the Z-1 looks an awful lot like another famous space-traveller’s suit. It could easily be a spare for Toy Story star Buzz Lightyear. It’s the first time NASA has redesigned their suit in 20 years, and you just have to wonder if they picked that bright green color as an homage. Once you combine it with the domed head the resemblance is impossible to ignore. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a button on his wrist to activate pop-out wings.

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NASA Cycle Jersey

Show your support and love for NASA by pulling on this cycle jersey that features the NASA logo prominently on the front and on the back. The odor-blocking, micro-fiber material wicks away sweat and moisture away from your skin so you stay dry and fresh as you ride along. It also comes sown with three rear pockets so you can bring your essentials with you, wherever you go.

The NASA cycle jersey is only available for guys at the moment, but fret not, ladies, because ThinkGeek promises that a ladies’ version of the jersey will be available soon.

Product Page ($79.99 to $81.99)

Mars rover (Opportunity) and Mars on a skirt! We live in a world where we can not only see images of Mars, we can print it on fabric. No other words are necessary.

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One day Mars will be for explorers, but for now it’s all about the rovers. Show off your love for the Curiosity rover with this tee.

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