motorcycle jacket

Imagine riding your motorcycle down an empty desert highway with a canopy of stars above you. This is the jacket for that ride.

Ladies, this jacket will work for you, no matter what flavor your “bike” is – even if you don’t have one. This asymmetrical full-zip hooded jacket features a print of Hubble’s image of “Mystic Mountain” in the Carina Nebula. On the outside? A sweet, fitted faux leather jacket with nice lines. On the inside? Epic space geekiness. It comes with a removable hood, also lined with space, and the sleeves feature zippers for a snug fit. We hear it gets cold in space.

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x-wing poe moto jacket 3

While we’ve never seen Poe Dameron on a speeder, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d totally rocket around on one, so it’s not a stretch to think he’d be into motorcycles as well. Heck, I’m pretty sure any X-Wing pilot would have a motorcycle if they had a driveway to park it in.

Star Wars fan and Redditor CharlieMcN33l seems to have a lot in common with those pilots if his custom X-Wing pilot motorcycle jacket is any indication.

Charlie usually wears a “Carhartt Duck Detroit” or MA-1 Bomber jacket when he rides, so he took components of each jacket to make his newest creation. He says it’s “60% X-Wing flight jacket, 30% Carhartt jacket, 10% MA-1 Bomber jacket.” He forgot to say it’s 100% awesome.

He was also kind enough to detail how he made this bad boy, because he’s a good guy like that. Check out the gallery below.

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Until I came across UD Replicas I didn’t think motorcycle jackets and geek themes could go together, but they’ve nailed it. Jackets they’ve released in the past show their skills, and these new jackets just reinforce the fact that the folks there are crazy talented. They’ve teased Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Catwoman style jackets on their Facebook page, and they all look gorgeous. The Catwoman one is nice and fitted for ladies, and the Star Wars ones come with cool features. For example, the Boba Fett jacket has removable CE approved body armor, custom tattoo logo branding, and reflective detailing. Yeah, I know!

The Star Wars jackets will be on preview at Celebration next week, and even though they might not be tailored for my size, I’ll be trying them on anyways. You can own a motorcycle jacket without owning an actual motorcycle, right?

Check out Darth Vader and Catwoman styles after the break.

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This Evangelion Eva-01-themed bike jacket is deep purple and more than a little sexy. A far cry from the cute cat-eared hoodies announced recently. It can be yours if you can figure out how to get it from Japan.

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Motorcycle Jacket Romper


Give your baby that bad ass look by dressing him in this Motorcycle Jacket Romper. It will give him a leg up in life starting out as the bad ass Jimmy Dean type. No one will be giving him a hard time on the playground.

Product Page ($24.95)