sonic and little girl

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sherlock batman smack

While it’s usually Batman doing the smacking, Sherlock Holmes gets the upper hand this time. He has been around longer, after all.

This meme-tastic tee comes in both men and women’s sizes and is in stock now.

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pokemon plush glasses start

While we can’t know for sure what started this Pokémon in glasses meme, we’re guessing the marketing material for the upcoming Pokémon sunglasses may have had something to do with that.

Regardless, there’s a sudden influx of pictures of Pokémon wearing glasses and, really, isn’t that all that matters?

Top photo by JohnTV.

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he man cosplay

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no capes

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doge thrones

Winter is coming. Just ask Doge the Direwolf. Is cold. Is so very, very much cold.

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Wearing this shirt will tell the world that you are right on top of memes and aren’t afraid to buy shirts that will probably been outdated in a month. In this case, the shirt is referring to that completely insane music video by Ylvis called “The Fox”.

The good news is that the shirt is only $12 if you grab it today, so you can probably afford to buy it just to bask in the glory for however long it lasts.

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Thank you, Japan, for giving us something to do with all our old hair scrunchies. Someone decided to put a scrunchie on an action figure and now we have the latest meme from Japan to entertain us for the next week. It doesn’t matter how badass the action figure, once you put a tutu on it there’s nothing but cute. Even Predator and Alien look downright huggable in all that frilliness.

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grumpy cat and laser cat costumes

Only in Los Angeles can a person attend an internet meme themed party. Mythbuster Grant Imahara makes a perfect walking laser cats image, and Morigor rocks the Grumpy Cat look. Don’t tell Tard though; I think it would make her even grumpier.

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da vinci cat

Did da Vinci predict the Internet and how cats would use it for mind control? The answer is yes if the design on this shirt is anything to go by. Grab it today only for $12!

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