Apparently, Hasbro wasn’t done with their reveals today. In addition to the Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic Helmet, they’ve also unveiled the Legends Series Star-Lord Electronic Helmet and Thor Mjolnir. They both feature lights/sounds capabilities annnnnnnnnd…they’re designed for adults! [click to continue…]

Did you know that Krysten Ritter aka Marvel’s Jessica Jones is hopelessly obsessed with knitting? [click to continue…]

Anovos, the company that makes all of those amazing, screen-ready Star Wars costumes, has turned its attention to Marvel with a Captain America: Civil War collection that includes jackets for Cap, Ant-Man and Black Widow along with 1:3 scale replica helmets. [click to continue…]

Her Universe is back online after being acquired by Hot Topic, and the evolution includes a brand new website and new geek fashions in both regular and extended sizes. Hoodies, tees, dresses, sweaters, jackets and more for Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek, Studio Ghibli and Doctor Who. Check out a sample of the new styles below. [click to continue…]

We Love Fine has three cardigans to keep Marvel fans comfy and stylish in a retro kinda way.

The Captain Marvel short sleeved cardigan has blue ivy embroidery and gold sequin star accents. The Spider-Gwen sports embroidered spiders across a web design, and the Loki cardigan has long sleeves and a cropped waist with Loki’s helm embroidered on both sides. [click to continue…]


It’s December and we had Disney swimsuits yesterday and we have a swimsuit today. Just pretend it’s summer okay?

Actually, it IS summer in Australia, where Black Milk is selling this glorious Squirrel Girl swimsuit. They do ship internationally, but the stock on this is extremely limited at the moment. Still, I couldn’t help myself. You just don’t see something like this every day. [click to continue…]


The following list contains some new, stylish gift ideas for Marvel and DC comics fans. Yes, the word “stylish” definitely applies in most cases. Many of the designs are sleek and subtle. Not the Underoos though. Nope. Those are bold. [click to continue…]


Back in October, Loungefly debuted a line of Marvel bags, but it appears that more designs are on the way.

As you can see, the bags so new that there are only production mock-ups available. But since we’re talking about Loungefly here, the new Peggy Carter, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel and Black Widow bags and wallets will undoubtedly be fantabulous.

The rendered bags and wallets are available to pre-order now from Entertainment Earth. Take closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]


It’s like the pages of your favorite Marvel comics got splashed onto all sorts of leggings, dresses, shirts, catsuits and tees in Black Milk’s Marvel New York Collection. Everyone’s here: Black Widow, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America, the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor, Loki, Wasp, Squirrel Girl…the list goes on.

The entire collection is limited with some pieces having a 48 hour only guarantee window. So if you want anything, I suggest you get a move on. Check out more pieces below. [click to continue…]


Remember last Halloween when those kids riding a custom Mad Max Power Wheels War Rig went viral? Or how about that adorable Ecto-1 costume or the Back To The Future DeLorean from a few years back? Despite a desire to take a break from elaborate Halloween costume builds for Halloween this year, Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith couldn’t resist doing something creative.

Inspired by the original Glowy Zoey costume (you have to check out this year’s Glowy Zoey costume btw) Cory and Jeremy decided to tackle their own version of an electroluminescent costume with a 3-in-1 superhero upgrade. Take a closer look at the costume below. [click to continue…]