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I’m confused, delighted and a little terrified. This is a Mario game that I would love to play. Once again, @metalslimer is keeping it kawaii and brutal.

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fallout mario top

Mario’s been a doctor. He’s raced cars. He’s even gone to space. But he’s never experienced a Fallout-style apocalypse—until now. Redditor 3dbdotcom recently cosplayed as a Fallout-themed Mario, and his costume is on point (all that scrap metal!). He also made his friend and wife equally awesome Fallout-themed Luigi and Princess Peach costumes, which you can check out in the gallery below.

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Imperator Peachiosa [Cosplay]


How great is this?

Cosplay by Emily Finke (a.k.a. Seelix). Photo by Matthew Sperzel Photography.

Head after the break to see the art that inspired this awesome Imperator Peachiosa cosplay.

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The Pipe [T-Shirt]

the pipe

Looks like you only have seven days before it’s game over. Like, seriously. GAME OVER.

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zelda vs peach

It’s the princess vs. princess battle you’ve been waiting for! Peach vs. Zelda in a no holds barred match! Nevermind that it’s weirdly set off by Goomba golf!

See Also: “Fallout vs Skyrim” Mashup Video Is One Heck Of A Battle

Zelda (Olivia Wells) and Peach (Raven Duda) know the Princess rule. There can be only one.

Check it out after the break.

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mario guy

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Has Rihanna been cosplaying this whole time? Redditor Ranzok‘s girlfriend noticed a striking resemblance between Rihanna’s outfits and Mario Party. Once you see it, it can’t be unseen.

See more evidence after the break.

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This Mario mushroom-esque shrug from TPF Faerie Wear is the perfect accessory for Spring. It’s got a large pixie-style hood that comes to a point and flared sleeves. It’s trimmed with felted mushrooms on the hood, back, and around the cuffs. Choose from a range of sizes and colors so you get the one that’s perfect for you.

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You can turn yourself into a video game villain with this Bowser hoodie. It’s got metal studs and cool spikes all over the back which are attached by Velcro so they can easily be removed if they’re getting in the way (the hood as well).

The hoodie is made of fleece and can be worn as a jacket or even alone as more of a shirt. It’s even machine washable so it’ll be easy to keep it clean.

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Etsy seller Traffic Cone has been making Mario-inspired Pirahna Plant hoods and is now turning the idea into full on hoodies. The hood is the mouth with the teeth framing your face and there are leaves at the neck and on the sleeves. This is made to order in the size of your choice.

See an actual picture of the hood after the break…

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