This Mario themed backpack is like two backpacks in one. One side features World 8 Level 4 and the other features Mario climbing the flagpole in World 1-1. The backpack includes one large interior pocket and a smaller zippered pocked on the outside for carrying little stuff like keys or your phone.

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This is Micro Kitty Cosplay in a costume designed to combine Princess Peach with Slave Leia. Here’s a case where crossing the streams of two very different worlds resulted in something incredible.

Photography by Ng-Master.

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This femme Wario cosplay features Kayla Rose in a costume she created. The dress was inspired by the very girlie Alice in Wonderland, but she kept Wario’s big bushy mustache and eyebrows for fun. Photography by DV8 Props.

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This Mario cosplay brought a whole family together at Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas. It started out with the Smith sisters, known as Twinzit cosplay, but this time they brought their Dad and four younger brothers along for the party. The pictures of the final result are wonderful, but the video showing how the facial sculpts and make-up were done is just incredible to see.

Photos by Nikkuman Photography.

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tumblr_n2m2swVran1qbw2q1o1_500-1 (dragged) copy

This “Plumber Auryn” (aka Mario Auryn) design may not grant you wishes or protect you from ravenous piranha plants, but it sure does look cool. The design, which was created by artist Rodrigo Marckezini, is available on T-shirts, posters, cards and stickers too.

Product Page: ($4.00-$26.00 via it8bit)


This great 8-Bit Mario cosplay was captured on the streets of Japan. It was part of a cosplay festival held in the Nipponbashi district of Osaka. Although this cosplay started with just Mario, a Luigi wandered by during the festival creating the perfect photo op.

Photos: mamerialyuuyaaa

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mario split

Much like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mario is capable of pulling off the most epic of splits. Don’t let that goofy mustache, affinity for mushrooms or that stubby plumber’s body fool you: Mario is one living, breathing, finely crafted machine of awesomeness.

Product Page: ($24.54 via Shirtoid)

Marioanddalek copy

Photo by JLinto.

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Zombie Mario Cosplay

zombie mario

Zombie Mario photographed by Isidro Urena.

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If you’re planning on proposing to that Mario fan of your dreams, you have to remember one very important thing: it’s all about the small details.

Case in point: This Yoshi Egg 3D Engagement Ring Box by The Model Maker. Now, honestly, how could resist such a charming little touch?

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