Espionage Cosmetics has launched pre-orders for their nerdy Colovaria (Harry Potter-inspired) and RPG makeup palette collections, and they’ve tossed in some bonuses to sweeten the deal. [click to continue…]

Last month we revealed that Unicorn Lashes were prepping a set of mermaid-themed makeup brushes for a summer release. It appears that they had the idea first, but Glamour Shop B has swooped in and beaten them to the market with their own six-piece set. [click to continue…]

Storybook Cosmetics has announced that they will be releasing a very, very limited edition version of their wizard wand brush sets in gold and rose gold on Friday, April 28 at 12pm CST. [click to continue…]

Saraswati aka Queen of Luna can transform into anyone or anything. She might also be the first out of the gate with a new IT cosplay. I expect that we’ll see a lot more of this kind of thing *shudder*.

Japanese beauty brand Creer Beaute is dipping back into the Sailor Moon makeup game with a series of moisturizing lipsticks that change color depending on your skin’s pH level. [click to continue…]

Then again, Simone Giertz has proven time and time again that she likes her robots to be incapable of delicate movements, thereby making them as dangerous and entertaining as possible. Watch the Robot Manicure mayhem unfold in the video below. It’s not hard to imagine all of that red being blood. [click to continue…]

Makeup artist Regina aka picturresque has completed a gorgeous Sailor Moon series that features three different looks for each of the Sailor Scouts: warrior, casual and adult. Check out all of the looks below, and try to decide which one is your favorite (it won’t be easy). [click to continue…]

Makeup artist Madeyewlook has done some fine work over the years, but I don’t think this is going to catch on… [click to continue…]

Lipsticks Of The Dragon

There are many fashion options that incorporate dragon scales, but Storybook Cosmetics is entering new territory with their upcoming Dragon Lipsticks line. [click to continue…]

Unicorn Lashes, purveyors of popular unicorn makeup brushes, are hard at work on a set for for aspiring mermaids with a release date set for sometime summer. But that’s not all. [click to continue…]