dark elf make up

Makeup and modeling by nickeilgenesis.

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This incredible makeup is the work of Laura Jenkinson who is a London-based makeup artist. She used her talents to turn her mouth into different cartoon characters. It’s surreal and amazing because the characters are so well-done, and look more than a little freaky when you take them in with the rest of her face.

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Projecting computer graphics onto surfaces isn’t anything new, but the technology is becoming more and more precise. Nobumichi Asai and his team have managed to create a system called Omote to track the movements of a human face and project images and makeup upon it to look realistic. It’s amazing that the graphics can fit over the curves and lines of a face and look natural.

Though Asai has worked with CGI projection mapping in the past, his focus has typically been on objects like buildings and cars. Omote is a new challenge, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

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Director James Gunn wanted the make-up effects for the aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy to look genuine, and special effects makeup designer Dave White was the man who made it happen. In an interview with Co. Create he said:

“I’ve been fortunate to have been around the Marvel world for a little while,” he enthused to Co.Create. “I like to think my own artwork and style has worked well within the universe. James had very specific ideas and I would give an interpretation of what I thought would work. Ultimately, it’s down to what the director wants to see: He needs to go through that process of testing ideas to see how they read in the world he wants to create.” He continued, “There is a retro hint in the [Guardians] designs. I was very careful not to use modern creature design influences that could have fallen short in the unique world Gunn had envisioned.”

These incredible images show just how much work went into creating the fantastic aliens that were scene on-screen.

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got makeup 1

Talented makeup artist Allison Chase is back with some creative Game of Thrones house sigil makeup designs. We’ve previously seen her create cool Harry Potter body art, and now she’s come up with palettes and patterns for the face that symbolize the sigils of the houses of Westeros. Her striking Game of Thrones series includes Houses Targaryen, Lannister, Tyrell, and more.

Photos by Matt Barnes.

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This time-lapse video features the talents of Emily Van Tassel who transforms an ordinary man into an ape in just over three minutes. It’s 194 seconds to be precise and the result is something worthy of Planet of the Apes. It’s all the more amazing for the fact that Emily isn’t even a professional makeup artist.

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ariel makeup 1

If you’d like to channel a little of Disney’s The Little Mermaid in your everyday look, you should race to Walgreens and snatch up the new Ariel line from e.l.f.

The cosmetics company offered makeup inspired by Disney villains last fall, but their latest selection features a much softer palette. They have eye shadow, brushes, lip stain, bronzer, and faux eyelashes. Everything is currently out of stock online, but your local Walgreens could have them on shelves.

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These Ewok lips are the work of Crystal Effin Overland who happens to be both an incredibly talented special effects make-up artist and a nerd. The faces are done purely with make-up and no Photoshop wizardry. If that Ewok opens his mouth he’s going to look absolutely ferocious!

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Prom season is drawing to a close, but if you’re still looking for inspiration for a dress to wear, we suggest looking to a classic pop culture institution: Disney. Between princesses and villains it’s no surprise that a number of prom gowns have been created with certain Disney characters in mind. We found dresses specifically inspired by Disney that might be the perfect fit for your magical night.

Of course it’s not just the dress you need for prom, but the cosmetics to match. If your dress is already Disney-inspired, then why not continue the pop culture theme with some geeky cosmetics? Have some fun matching your makeup colors to your gown for an extraordinary, stunning look.

After the break discover eight pairings of Disney-inspired dresses with some beautifully geeky cosmetics that will make you the nerdy belle of the ball!

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NBC’s Hannibal has become one of the most popular shows on TV with a dedicated following of fans hungry to get their fill every episode. With the season finale airing last night, fannibals now have to wait a few months before they can find out what happens next. Luckily they can still satisfy their craving for Hannibal thanks to a new line of cosmetics by Aromaleigh titled “This is my Design.”

Aromaleigh decided to try a new approach with this Hannibal-inspired collection by releasing one to three new colors each week the show aired. Their goal was to release 20 shades by the finale but now they plan to continue and surpass that, creating a colelction of about 24 to 30 colors.

The colors released so far include Ripper, Cygnus, and Feast. They’re beautiful shades that mirror the artistic look of the show. For the season finale they released two new shadows titled Phoenix and Bone Arena.

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