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YouTuber Madeyewlook is a self-taught makeup artist and body painter, and she’s kind enough to share her knowledge with makeup tutorials like this one.

For her latest video, she shows us how to transform into Deadpool with makeup. The level of detail is truly astounding!

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If you never had an interest in makeup, that will probably change after you check out the work of Lianne Moseley. The self-trained makeup artist makes her living doing standard work on brides and models, but recently began dedicating her free time and ample skill to transforming people into superheroes that literally look as if they just took a trip from the pages of a comic book into the third dimension. Needless to say, the internet quickly took notice, leading to the landing of her first professional gig at the beginning of the month.

The process is said to take several hours to complete, and as you will see in the additional examples after the jump, the results will make you think you’re looking at something created with Photoshop.

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Babies make adorable and very weird faces, so imgur user Unicornreality decided to have a little fun with that at her son’s expense. The little guy is just 7-weeks old and he really is adorable, but Mom decided to use an app to give him a makeover that is sure to haunt him on the Internet forever.

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This is a case where the perfect cosplay for the character doesn’t require specific clothes, but specific makeup. Pinkstylist has turned himself from an ordinary man into the villain from Dragon Ball Z.

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He makes for a fantastic Frieza and he’ll show you exactly what kinds of makeup to use and how to apply it for the right effect in the video after the break…

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It can be a challenge for cosplayers to keep their carefully applied makeup looking fresh through a photoshoot, so Japanese company CosCos has created Liberta. They say that not only will it provide the perfect finish on camera, but that it won’t need to be constantly reapplied or touched-up.

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It includes foundations, powders, lip concealer, and cleansing water. They’ve even developed the line with feedback from cosplayers, so this makeup could be just the thing for your next convention…if you live in Japan that is.

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At first glance you would swear this is a baby seal, but it’s actually professional makeup artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa. She created these looks with makeup alone and no prosthetics. It’s hard to believe until you see the videos where she opens her very human eyes in these very animal faces.

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This nightmare inducing image features redditor Manatee94 in a terrifying visage of her own creation. Unbelievably, she’s only been working on face painting since Halloween. Seriously, I will be sleeping with the lights on for a month because of this.

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horror story makeup

Makeup artist Jan Bonito resides in Colorado and his skills are truly mind blowing. He’s used nothing but makeup to become the characters from American Horror Story: Freak Show and the results are so good it’s creepy. It’s not just that show either, as he’s got Lana Del Rey and others in the mix, too. He shows you exactly how he achieves each look and even has walkthroughs so you can give it a try.

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sailor moon compacts

Hey Sailor Scouts, now you can match your compact to your cosplay, or just have something fun for daily use. Plus, there are lots of options to choose from.

The Sailor Moon Transforming Compact Box Set includes the first season brooch, Crystal Star, Cosmic Heart, Crisis Compact, and Chibimoon’s SuperS compact.

The set is estimated to arrive in June, but it’s available for pre-order now.

Product Page ($29.99)

frozen makeup 1

Frozen merchandise is available in nearly every category of products—including cosmetics. The newest Beautifully Disney collection focuses on Anna and Elsa and the realm of Arendelle. The line-up features eye shadow, nail polish, and lipstick. The palettes include warm and cool colors with some sparkly options.

The nail polish colors include Spiraling Snow, Magnificent Power, Frozen Queen, and Miss Royal Pants. The eye shadow comes in Crystal Snowflake, Powers Unleashed, Touched by Magic, Follow Your Heart, and more. Finally, the mini lipsticks feature mauve to purple shades called Radiant Heart, Queen to Be, and Optimistic.

The Frozen makeup is currently available at select stores inside Disney parks.

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