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Makeup artist Promise Tamang can turn herself into a Minecraft-inspired pixelated character—and she can teach you how to do it, too.

Check out the video below.

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wonder woman beauty

We teased Walgreens Wonder Woman Beauty Collection back in March, but today it got official. From the press release:

With a colorful kick of girl power, the Wonder Woman Beauty Collection includes a full range of heroically themed cosmetics, including Goddess LipsLipstick, Strawberry Empower-Mint Lip Balm, Paradise Eye-landEyeshadow, and An Eye For Justice Eyeliner, as well as Grace and PowerNail Polish Set, Comic Beauty Book and Amazonian Bronze beauty sets. A variety of accessories will also be featured in the collection, including a four-piece hair accessory bundle, five-piece make-up brush set and a make-up tote.

Fans can pick up the Wonder Woman Beauty Collection in select Walgreens stores throughout the country and available online, beginning this week.

At the time of writing, the complete Wonder Woman collection wasn’t fully available on the Walgreens website, but we did find more of it on

Check out the full press release below.

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Nostalgia is IN. So the fact that MAC Cosmetics is introducing an all-new line of makeup based on Trolls (those colorful wiry-haired dolls that have been around since the ’60s) is only mildly surprising/confusing.

MAC’s Good Luck Trolls line is coming in August, and will coincide with the promotion of Dreamworks’ Good Luck Trolls film due out later this year. Ohhhh. Okay. There’s a movie, and Trolls are colorful, and there’s this whole nostalgia thing. I get it. Sorta.

Check out an additional pic and details below.

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The Internet is going nuts over Prism—a highlighter that lays down a perfect rainbow shimmer on your skin with just one swipe.

Not surprisingly Etsy seller Bitter Lace Beauty blew through their initial stock, but more is expected to arrive soon (starting at $28). Keep tabs on the shop and their Instagram account for updates.

In the meantime, check out the makeup magic that is Prism in the photos and videos below.

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While yesterday’s Doctor Strange news got us up-close and personal with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, the latest photos from the set feature Mads Mikkelsen’s mysterious, as yet unnamed, villain.

As you’ll soon see, a little moisturizer around the eyes would do wonders.

Mikkelsen, along with several other actors with creepy eye makeup (who appear to be his followers), were spotted on set while filming in NYC.

Check out the photos below.

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MAC Cosmetics has announced another geeky collaboration for SDCC and this one is all about boldly going. broke the news that MAC will be releasing a 25-piece collection for Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary that includes lip, eye, and face products inspired by Uhura, Deanna Troi, Seven of Nine, and Vina, the Orion girl.

The Trek collection will be available online on August 25 and in stores on September 1, but Comic-Con attendees can take advantage of an exclusive one-day collection presale on Thursday, July 21 at MAC Gaslamp.

I have a feeling that line is gonna be loooooooong.

Check out the teaser tweets below.

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wonder woman beauty collection

It certainly seems like that’s the case—and this wouldn’t be the first time Walgreens partnered on a themed makeup collection. Plus, the image comes from comic book artist and writer Ming Doyle.

The collection is set to drop in May, so stay tuned.

snapchatmakeup copy

Snapchat has featured some fun and unique filters in the past (like the fleeting rainbow puke one), but the heavy-makeup filter is pretty eye-catching to say the least. If you’d like to replicate the Snapchat heavy-makeup look in real life for some reason, then check out YouTuber mayratouchofglam’s make-up tutorial below.

Be forewarned: patience and false lashes are required.

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pixel lip art

Makeup artist Andrea Reed of Girl Grey Beauty has done a pretty deep dive into lip art and she’s come up with some really amazing creations.

See Also: Pixellated Hair Is A Wild Look

This design is called “Defragmentation” and I’m having flashbacks to defragging disk drives on an old work computer.

This looks way more fun. Check out more pics below.

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toothless top

We’ve featured makeup artist Tal Peleg numerous times in the past, but she’s been hard at work since we last checked in.

Check out some of her recent work inspired by movies, musicals and books below.

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