Last year Storybook Cosmetics burst onto the scene with their wands brush set and magical eyeshadow palette. Those items proved so popular that they began shifting gears into licensed brush designs, and they hit the ground running with a rough concept for a lightsaber set. Well, it appears that we have an update on that front (pictured above), along with two new concept designs that would undoubtedly make Game of Thrones and Doctor Who fans very happy. [click to continue…]


Watching Storybook Cosmetics grow has been interesting because we’ve been seeing products go from concept to completion. In this case, they’ve made some updates to their Harry Potter-inspired wand brush set prototype and have unveiled the Original Storybook Wands Makeup brush set in its final form.

The set will be available in a small batch in January and then again in February. Keep an eye on their Instagram for more details. [click to continue…]


Storybook Cosmetics is at it again. They’ve found a lot of success by nerding up boring makeup brushes and pallets with themes that include wands, quills and lightsabers. Now they’re planning on releasing a quiver brush set sometime in 2017!

Keep tabs on their Instagram page and website for updates on availability.


This is an extremely rough mockup, but Storybook Cosmetics is currently attempting to secure licensing to make Star Wars lightsaber makeup brushes happen. This is the same company that delivered on wizard wand brushes and a Harry Potter-inspired eyeshadow palette.

If they succeed, the final set will include five different lightsaber brushes. Given the fact that a Star Wars tape measure exists, I would think that getting a green light for these brushes wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

(via Storybook Cosmetics)


Storybook Cosmetics, the same company that recently released wizard wand makeup brushes is taking their Harry Potter-inspired line to the next level with an eyeshadow palette and an ink pot liner complete with quill. Experience this magical makeup below. [click to continue…]


When it comes to Geralt cosplay, nobody does it better than Maul Cosplay. The image above breaks down his transformation a bit, though there are still a few steps to go between the image above and the image below. [click to continue…]


Korean beauty brand Peripera has teamed up with Cartoon Network to create a new Powerpuff Girls collection that includes lip inks, nail polish, concealer, eye makeup, and more.

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are all over this kawaii makeup line and the prices are buyer friendly. In other words, a total thumbs up from me. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Well, the makeup artist known as Amazing Jiro does some damn fine work. Just look at how he transformed singer/actress/TV personality LiLiCo into Ryuk from Death Note. They captured the creepy look perfectly, but then they kicked it up a notch… [click to continue…]


Unicorn makeup brushes! You can thank UK based Unicorn Lashes for these because they’re 100% aware that unicorns are frickin’ awesome.

In addition to having false eyelashes for all sorts of different looks, they’ve created a unicorn makeup set with rainbow prism colored brushes and unicorn horn handles. They’ll go perfectly with your prism highlighter from Bitter Lace Beauty.

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The set is currently sold out because people are flipping out, but they’re restocking in December, so get yourself on the mailing list for details. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Vancouver-based makeup artist Mimi Choi is incredibly talented, but there’s no doubt that she has a special place in her heart for the bizarre and macabre.
She credits herself as a surrealist, and her dazzle makeup looks are definitely that!

She stresses that everything you’re seeing is done with makeup and there’s no photoshop involved. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]