The Luigi death stare was scary in the game and a fun meme while it lasted, but now it has been given new life in the real world where it’s striking fear in the hearts of mortals.

This intrepid cosplayer at Anime Expo 2014 is unstoppable. Move out of the way, people. He’s coming through!

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You know a meme has officially arrived when it gets its own t-shirt. That means the Luigi Death Stare has hit the big time. His blood-chilling gaze is captured on this shirt that’s perfect for lounging around this summer.

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Looks like Mario doesn’t like to play second fiddle to Luigi. Typical.

This adorable photo comes courtesy of Little Mario’s mom & FG tipster Rachael Lewis. Thanks Rachel!

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These beautiful splatter art images were created by Miles Donovan of The Daily Robot. He’s designed bold, bright images of characters like Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Mega Man. His artwork is available on t-shirts, hoodies and even bags so you can take your favorite characters with you wherever you go.

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Adorable Sonic, Mario and Lady Luigi cosplay sent to us by Fashionably Geek reader Minimina. Thanks Mina!

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After a marathon Super Mario Bros. gaming session, Calvin’s imagination goes to work.

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Looks like plumbing and adventuring aren’t paying the bills anymore. You don’t even want to know how they’re making money on the street.

(Subway Douchery via Gamefreaks)

If you are into girls with thick, luxurious mustaches—look no further than the Mario sisters. Personally, I’m more into their cousin.

(Daily Lolita via So Geek Chic)

Adorable. Thanks Erin!