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one ring

If you purchased a Tungsten wedding band, you probably paid a lot more than $79.99 for it—and chances are it isn’t nearly as awesome as this gold-plated One Ring. Grab it for 20% off while you still can!

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gandalf tattoo

Gandalf tattoo by Gavin Clarke at Obsession Tattoo Studio. Send your nerdy tattoo pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

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Apparently, Gandalf shows up at the University of Minnesota during exams to give students the confidence they so desperately need.

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This unique scarf will strike a chord with ever J.R.R. Tolkien fan. Strong messages of friendship, determination, and self-belief underlie the heavy-handed battles and rich imagery that transpired in Middle Earth.

And now you can take that fabled land with you, wherever you go–not just a piece of it, but the whole lot, with Rachel Bradford’s Lord of the Rings Middle Earth infinity scarf. The scarf is made from cotton knit and is about 36″ long and 6.5″ wide.

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Are you a bigger fan of Firefly than LOTR? Perhaps it’s the other way around? Either way, you should be satisfied with this deal as both shirts are only $10 each if you grab them today.

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We just got word from Black Milk that they will be launching a Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit collection of swimwear, leggings and dresses starting on January 22nd at 2pm EST. So if you want to hit the clubs wearing Legolas this summer, make sure to hit the store early.

On that note we have a few previews of what’s to come. The image above (click to enlarge) and a few closer looks after the break.

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A Serious Tolkien Tattoo

Gandalf on My Back

Awesome Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings trilogy tattoo.

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Mordor Walk-a-Thon [T-Shirt]

one does not simply walk into mordor

It was only several minutes into the meeting when Borimir uttered the line that would eventually turn him into one of the most popular memes for The Lord of the Rings franchise: “One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

Yeah, that’s because the orcs will get to you first before you can blink at the Eye of Sauron. Needless to say, that would make for a seriously hardcore walk-a-thon. Check out the design more closely after the break.

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Baby dressed as Gimli

Best parent ever? Sean Donohue dressed up his adorable son PJ in Gimli’s garb back in 2007 and the image is just starting to make the rounds. According to Sean:

PJ was Gimli the dwarf from Lord of The Rings for Halloween. Michaela’s mom made the costume, Michaela fashioned the helmet, hair, beard and battle ax. It was my idea. Yes, I’m sick.

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