Lord of the Rings


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bag end necklace 1

Ever want to escape and hide in a hobbit hole? Me too. While I haven’t figured out how to construct a portable hobbit hole just yet, this Bag End necklace is a fine start to transporting to the Shire. The antiqued bronze design by Nedda Szylewicz is hand-painted to look like the front door of the Baggins’ home. It’s a locket so you can keep small photos or notes secret and safe.

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These simply beautiful shirts, skirts and dresses are the work of Etsy seller Frockasuarus (who we featured recently with her Game Of Thrones dress). She makes each piece by hand and they are made to order so there’s a lead time of anywhere from 4-10 weeks depending on the product. That’s a long wait, but if these pictures are any indication, it’ll be worth it. She’s got a wonderful range of products representing Star Trek,  The Hobbit, Legend of Zelda and more.

She’s temporarily shutdown her Etsy shop due to a flood of orders, but you can still head over there and sign up to be notified as soon as she’s ready to take on more work.

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the one ring in arabic

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Decorate your wrist with the latest in Dwarven style with this leather Dwarven wrist cuff. It’s an officially licensed The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug product with an interlocking square design and a snap closure. Adjust to either 7.5″ or 8.3″ around.

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Gandalf tattoo

When I picture Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I think of the wizard in his pointy hat and holding his pipe and staff. Pretty much exactly what’s on display in this incredibly detailed tattoo. I can’t get over all the lines on the staff showing the wood grain and the crosshatches on the glove – it must have taken forever to complete.

This image was taken from a few angles, stretched, and stitched together in order to show off the full tattoo. The ink was done by Matt at Blue Cardinal Tattoo Littlebrough, Manchester, England.

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A day of destroying Middle-Earth can give an Orc a ferocious appetite, which is why this Orc found his way to a grocery store in Amsterdam. It’s actually 7-foot tall actor Olivier Richters who was made-up like one of the Uruk-hai by artist Rossanne Puck Aafjes for a school project. I think I’d let him go ahead of me in line, even with 30 items in the Express Lane.

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Tiny Dark Tower

What if Lord of the Rings was turned into a Tiny Tower game? I, for one, would probably become addicted to it and turn into a Gollum-like creature who needed to play it all the time. Artist spiritgreen & oakenspirit came up with this pixelated take on Barad-dûr that imagines it as a game, and it’s so cute that I want it to be real. I’d visit Helm’s Deep Dish pizza every day for lunch.

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This beautiful Smaug cosplay was captured by photographer Brian Schultz at this year’s C2E2. It features cosplayer Alyson Grauer in a costume she designed that won the con’s amateur costume contest.

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hobbit ring

Have you heard? Wearable hobbit holes are all the rage these days. Though we’ve seen rings that feature the recognizable green door of Bag End, this teensy tiny sculpted version is something different. Artist Flocature built the home of the Baggins’ from Super Sculpey and then she painted it with acrylics and plopped it onto an adjustable ring. I like to imagine there are super little versions of Frodo and Bilbo inside reading and plotting adventures.

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