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This incredible makeup is the work of Laura Jenkinson who is a London-based makeup artist. She used her talents to turn her mouth into different cartoon characters. It’s surreal and amazing because the characters are so well-done, and look more than a little freaky when you take them in with the rest of her face.

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Hunger Games Lips

We’ve seen a lot of fantastic nail art and eye makeup, but geeky designs on lips are out of the ordinary. Makeup artist and photographer Eva Senin Pernas has created magic on a very small canvas. She’s painted lips with motifs from The Hunger Games, Mulan, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. I’d be afraid to even breathe with my lips painted this beautifully!

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7 sins earringsI’m going to take a wild guess and say that seven sins they’re referring to are the fashion sins that come from having 14 sets of lips dangling from your ears. There’s probably a one sin infraction for every two sets of  lips, but those charges will pale in comparison to the far greater sin committed against your wallet.

Product Page: ($1,720)

Red Lips Umbrella

Until they develop a “douchebag detector” that will allow people to get soaked if they like shoving old ladies while walking down the street, the many sets of lips on this nylon umbrella appear closed for your convenience in order to keep the rain from pummeling you and ruining your finery.

Product Page: ($260)

Lips and Eyes Ring Set

What is it with all the lips and mouth fashion these days? And why put them on a ring with an amber rhinestone and an eyeball? These are the deep questions we should be asking, not “What is the meaning of life?” or “When was the last time you told someone you loved them?” This is the truly deep shit, right here.

Product Page: ($52)

Snakeskin Lips Clutch

This would look totally natural in 1988, along with the latest Poison album, hairspray, high heels, fishnets, a feather boa and the street.

Product Page: ($361)