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jurassic park prank

Ok, hold on to your butts: In this clip from a show in Japan, an unsuspecting man is startled by a guy in a pretty detailed dinosaur costume. Yeah, I know you can see the guy’s legs sticking out from the dino’s tummy, but the show’s producers really spared no expense. I can imagine the poor prankee was probably screaming in his mind, “Shoot her! Shoot her!”

I’m forcing this quote, but I can’t not say it. It’s my favorite. Ready? Ok.

“Clever girl.”

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You never know what you’ll see at a costume contest, especially at a new convention. The masquerade at the first Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles had at least one bright spot though: a Jurassic Park ensemble. You read that correctly. Two cosplayers teamed up to portray the hunt between gamekeeper Robert Muldoon and the velociraptor. There’s even a mini park vehicle. Clever cosplayers.

Watch the skit in action in not one, but two, videos after the break.

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We have another $10 deal today in the form of this Super Mario Bros / Jurassic Park mashup. Make sure to grab one before it disappears tomorrow!

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I don’t know which is clever-er… the fact that a Raptor can solve a Rubik’s Cube, or that it could manipulate the damn thing so well with no thumbs.

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