jurassic park

Rawr! RAWR! [T-Shirt]


Spoiler alert: the twist in Jurassic World is that the dinosaurs were genetically modified to be cute for an exhibit called “Dinos: Super Kawaii”.

It proved to be very popular with visitors but then things backfired. Now Chris Pratt’s character must avoid being cuddled to death.

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jurassic mario

What if Yoshi wasn’t a cute and innocent little dinosaur? In this Super Mario Bros. and Jurassic Park mash-up t-shirt design by Taylor Rose, Yoshi is a dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing Mario, Luigi, and Peach. You might feel bad for them at first, but maybe this is what they deserve.

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Jurassic park tattoo

Jurassic Park was terrifying for many reasons, but it especially got spine-tingling when the velociraptors learned how to open doors. Even just looking at this awesome / unique / hilarious tattoo gives me the shivers I felt while watching the kitchen scene in the movie.

We believe this tattoo was done at Jackson Street Tattoo in Seattle.

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couture hellboy

Haute couture cosplay designs are on the rise, and there are plenty of talented artists stepping up with fashionable sketches. Sara Richard is one of them, and she’s just launched a new project called HautePopC. She’s combining her love of fashion, character design and cosplay to come up with some creative concepts that I hope cosplayers will make a reality. So far she’s drafted sexy looks for Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Marty and Doc Brown, and even Ray Arnold – you know, Sam Jackson’s character in Jurassic Park.

I love her style, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

See more sketches after the break.

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jurassic park prank

Ok, hold on to your butts: In this clip from a show in Japan, an unsuspecting man is startled by a guy in a pretty detailed dinosaur costume. Yeah, I know you can see the guy’s legs sticking out from the dino’s tummy, but the show’s producers really spared no expense. I can imagine the poor prankee was probably screaming in his mind, “Shoot her! Shoot her!”

I’m forcing this quote, but I can’t not say it. It’s my favorite. Ready? Ok.

“Clever girl.”

Watch all the dino-fun after the break…

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You never know what you’ll see at a costume contest, especially at a new convention. The masquerade at the first Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles had at least one bright spot though: a Jurassic Park ensemble. You read that correctly. Two cosplayers teamed up to portray the hunt between gamekeeper Robert Muldoon and the velociraptor. There’s even a mini park vehicle. Clever cosplayers.

Watch the skit in action in not one, but two, videos after the break.

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We have another $10 deal today in the form of this Super Mario Bros / Jurassic Park mashup. Make sure to grab one before it disappears tomorrow!

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I don’t know which is clever-er… the fact that a Raptor can solve a Rubik’s Cube, or that it could manipulate the damn thing so well with no thumbs.

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