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jurassic park

Jurassic Mario [Tattoos]

This unique Jurassic Park / Super Mario mashup tattoo is the work of Marc Durrant at Hidden Los Angeles Tattoo. Check him out on on Instagram and his personal website. He does some damn fine work.

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Fashion, uh … finds a way. At least, in this new collection of brooches by designer Kate Gabrielle, meant for the most clever of girls (and anyone else) who appreciates a pastel brooch that references one of the coolest films of all time.

The collection features Ellie Sattler, raptors and Ian Malcolm (in a manner that matches every pop-punk fashionista’s aesthetic). Check out the rest of the collection below.

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One of the best things about cosplay is seeing popular characters brought to life by adorable kids. Jurassic World‘s extreme success can be partially credited to the parents that brought their children into the fandom, so it’s awesome to see this photoshoot featuring Keely Graesser of Mutants, Maidens & Munchkins (and her cute kids). It includes Claire and Owen from Jurassic World alongside Lex and Timmy Murphy from Jurassic Park. The family looks awesome in their costumes, and totally ready to outrun some hungry raptors.

Photos by Neither Noir Photography.

Check out the entire series below.

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jurassic ugly sweater

Yep, ugly Christmas sweaters don’t get much better than this. If your friends don’t get the Jurassic Park reference, should they really be your friends?

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trex chase

YouTuber Ctackett51’s sister recently bought a T-Rex costume so, naturally, they decided to film a spot-on recreation of the famous Jeep chase scene from Jurassic Park. Clearly, no expense was spared in the making of this video.

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jurassic heels

Jurassic World features lots of dinosaurs and some stupid humans fleeing from them, like Claire Dearing who wears high heels the whole time. This insane parody gives everyone in the Jurassic Park series high heels, making it way more stylish in the process. Even the dinosaurs get a little something special to wear as they hunt the hapless humans.

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Nope. Nothing at all.

Okay, maybe it’s a little weird. But it could be weirder…

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Clever Girl

clever girl

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As you probably recall, the 1993 movie Jurassic Park featured a can of Barbasol modified to smuggle dinosaur embryos. In a nod to the original, Barbasol is promoting Jurassic World with special limited edition cans. They feature art by Mark Enlgert and are part of a sweepstakes where you can win all sorts of prizes, including a vacation.

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Rawr! RAWR! [T-Shirt]


Spoiler alert: the twist in Jurassic World is that the dinosaurs were genetically modified to be cute for an exhibit called “Dinos: Super Kawaii”.

It proved to be very popular with visitors but then things backfired. Now Chris Pratt’s character must avoid being cuddled to death.

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