This adorable Harry Potter ring is designed to look just like Luna Lovegood’s crazy glasses. It’s made out of sterling silver and is open in the back so it can be made to fit your finger perfectly.

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warcraft engagement ring

If you’re going to propose, this Horde Gunship Armory Chest engagement ring box by Paul Pape Designs is kind of perfect for WoW players. It even includes miniature toons and has a treasure card, I’m sure all of which are customizable depending on what you need.

As a WoW player, I love the treasure card, which reads:

Equip: After equipping, you will gain a lifelong partner to be at your side for the many quests to come. Use caution when engaging in battle as this item LEEROY JENKINNNNSSS!!!!!!!!!

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I’m not sure the path to wedded bliss involves convincing someone to buy an engagement ring by promising them an Xbox One, but this jeweler thinks otherwise. Perrywinkles will send you out the door with a new Xbox One console with the purchase of any engagement ring featuring a 3/4 carat center stone. This offer only runs through the end of the month, so better get a move on if you want to game at your engagement party.

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This oddly beautiful squid design ring is the perfect thing for the Jules Verne enthusiast. It features an all over pattern with a squid, water, and wave design and is custom made out of 14K gold. These are made-to-order so you can choose between white or yellow gold or even 18K with different pricing. They take about a month to make, so be sure to order in plenty of time for your big day.

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The Trekkie in your life is sure to say yes when you propose with this gorgeous diamond-studded USS Enterprise ring. It’s available in white gold, sterling silver or platinum with diamonds and your choice of accent stones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Each is custom made and takes about 4-6 weeks to create.

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gaming dice jewelry

Marlena over at Mage Studio has an eye for dice and design. Not only are her jewelry and accessory designs using gaming dice innovative, but the dice she finds are beautiful.

She makes earrings, necklaces, tie pins, keychains, garters and more using dice and other interesting bits and bobs you wouldn’t usually see on jewelry.

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Cthulhu would approve of these ocean creature jewelry creations. Etsy seller Noadi specializes in creating polymer clay jewelry with squid, cuttlefish, octopuses, and even Cthulhu himself. Styles range from an adorable pink octopus covered in hearts to a steampunk cuttlefish with clockwork gears and even a black squid with stars and gems that turn it into a galaxy.

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gabbedy top

I’m going to be straight with you. When I first saw this story, I thought “Woman with no fingers who makes jewelry. Sounds like a Lifetime movie”.

Then I watched the YouTube video on Annette Gabbedy and realized her story isn’t really about her “disability”, it’s about just how open, adaptive, smart, clever, and talented she is as a person.

Gabbedy has been a fine jewelry designer and goldsmith for over 20 years. She creates beautiful bespoke jewelry and prefers opals and diamonds but also works in colored stones and silver. Her work has a flow to it that is both compelling and unique.

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I know the assassins from Assassin’s Creed are supposed to be stealth experts, but I’ve always kind of thought that their outfits look a bit too conspicuous for assassinations. That would explain the thinking behind the totally flashy Assassin’s Creed ring from Paul Michael Design. It’s made from either sterling silver or gold and it’s rather shiny. Like really, really oh-god-it’s-so-sparkly shiny.

But then again, if you’re an assassin, you can pretty much do whatever want… because you’re an assassin. So dress as fancy as you want, aspiring assassin. It’s your funeral.

Product Page: ($275.00 via Technabob)


This necklace is made to look just like the crack in space and time from season five of Doctor Who. It’s handmade from brass and measures 3″ wide with an 18″ chain and is sealed with museum quality Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnishing.

Product Page ($50 Geeky Merch via So Geek Chic)