The Awesome Mix from Guardians Of The Galaxy is a fantastic soundtrack, but I dunno if I could listen to it day in and day out for over 20-years or anything. Plus, people who are old enough will remember that cassette tapes were a pain in the ass. There’s no way it would have survived that long.

This necklace doesn’t have that problem. It’s tiny. It’s made from zinc alloy. It doesn’t play music.

It is, however, a very awesome necklace indeed.

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Oh my glob! It’s a mini Oreo shaped like Jake shaped like an Oreo on a necklace! Etsy shop owner momomony makes adorable bite-sized Adventure Time cookie necklaces to satisfy your heart, but not your tummy.

Sculpted from polymer clay, the hand-painted cutie fits in the palm of your hand and is suspended from a 22-inch silver chain. Although small in size, the level of detail in the dessert pendant is super realistic. In fact, I’m not so sure that isn’t an actual cookie now.

And Jake isn’t the only Adventure Time character available. See more examples after the jump.

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cthulhu ring

This Cthulhu-inspired engagement ring by DTEK Designs was a custom design for a client. We’ve featured Drew’s jewelry before (we’re fans) and, while this beautiful creation is currently not available for sale, it’s a good example of the delightfully insane custom designs that are possible.

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Made from old radio wires, discarded beads, and other pieces of scrap metal, this inspiring jewelry has story to tell.

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, 23-year old film student Carolina Breeze explained that her father had found a new outlet for his creativity after losing his job. He continued to create with his hands drawing in the magic of ancient and mythological worlds into gorgeous jewelry designs. She spoke about the first piece he presented to her:

” It was a big pendant made out of copper wire from an old radio combined with some ugly beads he took from an old piece of my jewelry. My father had never made jewelry before, and there it was, simple yet perfect and annoyingly beautiful.”

Woven together with bold beads and dancing wire, the styles are clearly a mix of ancient cultures with shapes representing scarabs, Fleur-De-Lis, and the Root of Life.

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The T-Rex was a fierce dinosaur, but this one probably won’t try to eat you for dinner. Maybe a nibble at your finger at most.

The T-Rex ring is available in either antique silver or antique gold finishes and is made of brass. There are a range of sizes available so you can have a chomping T-Rex on whatever finger you choose.

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Etsy seller Papillon9 has a shop filled with beautiful glow-in-the-dark jewelry, including some whimsical dragons (Toothless!). There are pendants, earrings, and ear cuffs made in metals like sterling silver and bronze then accented with glow-in-the-dark materials. They can store a glow that will shine for up to 9 hours and will continue to recharge and glow for as long as 20 years.

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This Legend of Zelda necklace is really 14 necklaces in one. It all comes in a themed box that holds the chain and clasp along with an assortment of shield and weapons. No matter your mood or outfit, there’s bound to be a charm in this box that is the perfect accessory.

Product Page ($20.09 via Gamefreaks)


Here’s a cute and super clever new way to pop the question. Etsy seller The Flippist aka Ben Zurawski will create a flipbook with cartoon art of your choosing and even a built-in spot for an engagement ring. It doesn’t have to be for an engagement either as he can create a book for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any event you want to commemorate.

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Firefly‘s Serenity has been turned into a beautiful gold and sapphire necklace that will keep the show close to your heart (but leave a painful void in your wallet). It measures 16mm long x 10mm wide x 6mm thick and features non-conflict diamonds and gemstones as well as recycled white gold.

This particular work is 14K gold and can be positioned so that Serenity hangs in whatever position you choose. It’s available alone or with your choice of 16″ or 18″ chains.

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These beautifully detailed rings are the work of jeweler Theo Fennell. Each features an intricate exterior design that becomes even more amazing when you realize there are doors that open to reveal whole worlds contained within.

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He has a wide range of styles, including some from movies like The Wizard of Oz and The Secret Garden. You’ll have the weight of an entire world on one finger.

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