Etsy seller Lost In Space Jewelry makes a clever necklace that depicts the rotation of the Earth on one side and the phases of the moon on the other. You can even customize the Earth side with a central continent of your choice.

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star wars earring sets

These Star Wars earring sets will keep your look fresh for days and days. If you prefer the path of the Jedi and support the Rebellion, you have a six pack of earrings that includes Threepio, Yoda, and the Rebel logo. If you’re rooting for the Empire, there’s a 6 pair set with Vader, Boba Fett, and The Emperor among other designs.

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This light catching dragon necklace is made from multiple layers of acetate that give it a unique iridescent quality. It reflects rainbow colors and the delicate organza tied ribbon definitely completes the look. Etsy shop owner Mad March Moon also makes iridescent dragon and faerie-inspired earrings and ear cuffs.

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Math never looked so gorgeous. Etsy shop The Pendant Garden is a husband and wife team that hand make these ornate fractal necklaces.  With over 36 designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches any outfit.

“Your choice of a shiny silver plate or antique bronze setting. This necklace pendant is covered with a smooth crystal clear, domed glass cabochon that protects the exquisite printed art underneath. A truly stunning piece.”

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This Guardians of the Galaxy Groot bracelet is subtle enough that only the most observant fans will notice. It is made of metal plates designed to look like bark with amber cabochons that look like spores of light. Features include:

-Officially-licensed Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise
-2 pieces of elastic cording keep bracelet together
-Comes in a box suitable for gifting
-Materials: Bronze-colored zinc alloy + acrylic cabochons
-Dimensions: 2″ wide cuff
-Minimum wrist 6 1/2″ – stretches to 12″
-Weight: 3 oz.

You are Groot!

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These “Seek and ye shall snitch ear climbers” from legendary Etsy seller PaulMichaelDesign are modeled after the Quidditch Golden Snitch—only these are a lot easier to catch.

They come in four different varieties: sterling silver with 14K yellow gold and white sapphires, sterling with 18K yellow and diamonds, all sterling with the customer’s choice of colored stones and a more affordable version without any gems.

Product Page: ($155.00 and up)

mad max earrings

We were waiting for NerdyButStillGirly to make Mad Max-inspired cling earrings and she totally delivered!

Product Page ($15)


This Harley Quinn ring by Etsy seller AllThingsGeekChic is all about mad love. It’s cast in 925 sterling silver, but set with lab created rubies and black diamond so it won’t break the bank.

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nerdy rings

From Iron Man’s arc reactor, to Star Trek’s emblem, and hearts from Sailor Moon and Zelda, these beautiful rings would make any nerdy bride-to-be squee with joy. Etsy shop VaLa Jewellery brings fandoms to life in gold, white gold, silver, and diamonds.

We’ve featured VaLa several times in the past, but there’s some fantastic new designs here that cover TV, gaming, and comics, and more.

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Etsy seller ScienceAndFiction has managed to turn the game of Quidditch from Harry Potter into a very stylish necklace. It features a quaffle in the center, 2 bludgers, and 3 rings for each team’s goals with the snitch sneaking off in the corner.

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