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Sailor Moon fans can show off their love for the classic anime series with these new bracelets thanks to a collaboration between ma chére cosette? and Super Groupies. The bracelet designs were inspired by all 10 of the Sailor Scouts, and each character has a pair of bracelets that match her respective theme and outfit. Fans can buy a paired set for 4,800 yen (or $40).

Both of the bracelets feature colored glass beads that match the design and color of the individual sailor suit. One of the bracelets also features a small charm that matches the character’s celestial symbol while the the other bracelet includes a charm that represents the character’s ribbon.

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kinetic ring

As 3D printing technology advances, we’re seeing more and more amazing things. This Kinetic Ring is one of them. It features three ruby spheres that move along a printed track made out of sterling silver.

If I had one of these, I’d never get anything done because I would be too busy playing with the shiny.

See it in action in the video below.

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Jewelry designer @Hakusi_Kasei recently showed off a Spectrum Cube necklace design that spews a rainbow of colors whenever it’s exposed to light.

Although the timing for a December debut was perfect, the bad news is that it’s not yet commercially available – meaning you’ll have to move it from your Christmas list to your “Dammit, why can’t I have that?” list.

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Well, it’s not the best for rolling actually. But a punch to the face while wearing this thing would definitely be a critical hit.

The ring’s made from stainless steel, comes in sizes 7, 9 and 10, and it’s technically unisex.

We roll together, we die together—tabletop RPGers for life!

Product Page: ($59.99)

space glass

Yes, just like Orion’s collar in MIB.

These Space Glass pendants are the work of Japanese artist Satoshi Tomizu who creates them with a mixture of glass, gold flakes (stars) and an iridescent black or white opal (planet).

Gorgeous isn’t it?

However, you really need to check out the video below to understand the full effect.

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This gorgeous Dragon Egg Jewelry/Trinket Box from Etsy seller PrissyKittyDesigns is fit for a Khaleesi. It’s also made to order, and it stands at 10 inches tall and is about 19 inches around.

She makes it using faux leather, antique brass findings and hinges and violet silk for the interior lining. The top of the egg also features a clay baby dragon perched on top.

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Inspired by the growth patterns of plants and animals, Etsy artisan Zoa Chimerum Jewelry crafts exotic fashion accessories using re-purposed materials from the electronics industry. Each piece is unique with wonderfully intriguing names like the Tchaikovsky Ring, Kuknos Remiges Earrings, and Nykteris Pendant.

The shop contains loads of swirly accessories including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair clips. I’m pretty sure that everyone you meet will notice them straight away.

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ponytail wraps

One can never be too prepared for a Ren Faire, and these Medieval hair wraps are the perfect fashion accessory for such an occasion.

Etsy shop Medieval Metal has tons of styles and sizes to choose from and they’re all pretty affordable.

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Diablo 3 was the first game geek couple James and Colleen played together. The game clearly played a big part in their relationship because James presented Colleen with a hand painted box of their Diablo characters with a key to his house when it came time for her to move in. So it’s only fitting that James would continue this theme when it came time to propose.

Takayas Custom Jewelry called it one of their most technically challenging project to date.

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Based entirely on armor and weapons worn by their Diablo 3 Demon Hunter and Barbarian characters, this platinum 1.00 carat solitaire features 6 black accent diamonds and every part of this design is a nod to their Demon Hunter and Barbarian Diablo 3 characters.

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The Solar Spectrum Necklace is jewelry that combines science with fashion—and it’s all for a good cause.

As a symbol of sunlight, we have microprinted the solar spectrum on a translucent disc within a steel and glass locket. When worn, it looks like a silver pendant with a dark interior, matching everything. But when you hold it up to the light, you see a magnificently detailed rainbow with tiny black lines representing the chemical makeup of our sun. The spectrum image used here was created by N.A.Sharp at the Fourier Transform Spectrometer at the McMath-Pierce Solar Facility at the National Solar Observatory on Kitt Peak. Credit and thanks to: NOAO/NSO/Kitt Peak FTS/AURA/NSF. The pendant comes with a steel rounded box link chain or as a keychain. The chain is available in a short length (18 inches) or long length (26 inches).

Plus, 50% of net proceeds from the necklace will be donated to The Trevor Project—a nonprofit working in crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBT+ youth.

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