Why wear diamonds when you can wear celestial fireworks?

This Celestial Fireworks bracelet features an image of Westerlund 2, a cluster in the constellation Carina, captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

ThinkGeek then took that already beautiful image and added 15 teeny white LED lights that sparkle. The bracelet’s lights are powered by a rechargeable battery and USB cable that are both included.

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Japanese company Studio Shikumi is offering jewelry made from actual, factual samurai swords as part of their “Origami project.” The idea is to repurpose blades that would otherwise have been disposed of for minor imperfections.

However, if you’re expecting jewelry made from recycled weaponry to be cheap then maybe this stuff isn’t for you. A single piece can run as much as $900 or more, depending on which section of the blade has been used. Still, if you’ve got that kind of money to burn and want to dangle a conversation-starter around your neck, maybe this is the thing for you.

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pokemon jewelry top

Just in case any Pokemon GO players out there are taking a break to read FG while they rest their legs, I have more Pokémon goodies for you and these ones are gold, silver, and shiny.

The U-treasure by collection from Japan includes necklaces, engagement rings and wedding bands. Pikachu platinum and diamond wedding ring, anyone?

You can also customize several of the pieces to add your choice of metals and precious stones. Simpler designs include a Gengar ring, and a Pokéball band.

Plus, each piece of jewelry comes in a handsome Poke Ball box (unless you’re one of the first 400 orders. In that case, you get a limited edition Poke Ball gift case).

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wonder woman collar necklace

Yep, there’s no delicate little charm on this Wonder Woman necklace. The metal symbol is a whopping 6-inches wide.

Wonder Woman Symbol Collar Necklace ($15.99)

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Yesterday we shared this gorgeous GemFire ring worn by Cersei in the Game Of Thrones season six finale. Today we have more pieces of jewelry either inspired by or worn on Game of Thrones by Mey Designs.

If you want a replica of one of their GoT show worn designs, they have the winged and wingless versions of Dany’s Drogon choker from the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6. They also have replicas of her Dragon Storm hand wrap and Flight neck cuff. Or you can get a GoT-inspired piece like their Dragon Egg line or Armour line.

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Cersei Lannister outfit in the season six finale of Game of Thrones got a lot of attention, right down to her Summer Flame GemFire ring. The stunning ring is made by Hespera designs and is hand carved from Southern Star Citrines from Patagonia.

They also make GemFire rings in Winter, Spring, and Fall gems using Colombian white quartz, Brazilian emerald, and imperial Peruvian amethyst.

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I’m always happy when I get to talk about a piece by Takayas Custom Jewelry, and this Final Fantasy XIII-2 men’s wedding band is no exception. Inspired by Lightning’s Gunblade, this 14K white and yellow gold band also has some cleverly hidden Cactuars on the inside of the band as a fun addition.

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nerdy paracord bracelets

You never know when a length of 550 Paracord Type III might come in handy. Hell, your Firefly bracelet might even save your life.

In fact, Etsy seller NerdCord has paracord bracelets for all kinds of fandoms. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


Here’s a fun project for you. Spell scroll earrings with hidden messages! All you need are some basic odds and ends and a UV pen.

Write down potions or secrets that only you and everyone you meet at the nightclub will know. Check out more pics after the break…


As we enter Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Infinity Stones have become increasingly important. We’ve seen a few pop up over the course of the first two phases, but it’s all going to come to a head once Phase 3 concludes in, oh, a billion years, or whatever.

Of course, all this focus on the Stones in the films has led to people craving a set of their own. People like Reddit user JarvisLatteier, who has designed a set of rings inspired by the Infinity Stones that glow in the goddamn dark thanks to the radioactive isotope tritium. [click to continue…]