Etsy seller ScienceAndFiction has managed to turn the game of Quidditch from Harry Potter into a very stylish necklace. It features a quaffle in the center, 2 bludgers, and 3 rings for each team’s goals with the snitch sneaking off in the corner.

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Imagine that your head is some distant planet around which TIE-Fighters and X-Wings are battling it out. That’s the scenario you can create with these Star Wars dangle earrings. You could even reenact the Battle of Yavin with the Death Star versions.

Of course, in order to do all that you would have to buy all three sets to mix and match.

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It’s possible that I just haven’t spent enough time on Etsy, but this English Summer Rain and Cloud necklace is definitely a first for me and it’s both lovely and unique.

The cloud is made from 100% felted wool and the raindrops are Czech crystal beads and comes with an 18″ sterling silver chain.

Product Page ($35)


These handmade leather and metal bracelets feature the message of your choice engraved in Gallifreyan. It could be your name or any secret message that you might want to send to the Doctor should he and his blue box show up in your yard. There’s also a leather phone wallet case that can personalized with a Gallifreyan message.

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These beautiful planet necklaces are the work of etsy seller Chrysalism who has turned jasper stones into little worlds. Each is wire-wrapped inside antique copper rings. They even have little pyrite moons in orbit.

Red, green, gold, amber, teal, ivory, brown, gray; these stones are rich with many different colors and intricate designs! 18 inch antique brass chain with lobster clasps (other chain lengths available upon request!). The planets measure 12mm in diameter, and the rings are 18mm.

You pick the style and planet of your choice to make exactly the world you want to wear. Since each stone is unique, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind world of your very own.

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Here’s a perfect little bit of My Little Pony sparkle for your MLP cosplay or everyday outfit. These necklaces by Etsy seller Edenki feature the elements from ponies like Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and more.

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steampunk cuffs

Etsy shop owner Heather Jordan Jewelry creates intricate designs by weaving tarnish-resistant bronze through amazonite beads and watch gears. They remind me of old copper pipes and are perfect to add some flare to a steampunk cosplay or everyday outfit. The comfortable cuffs will even lay gently on your ear since no piercing is required.

These ear cuffs come in a variety of shapes and vibrant colors. See more examples after the break.

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Fossils, anatomy, bacterium, and more, Etsy shop owner tcustom turns science into sculptures.

“I studied biology in school, but I turned out to be much better at sculpting than I was at chemistry… and so here I am!”

Each small sculpture is made from steel and pewter and opens to reveal the inner workings of wildlife, dinosaurs, the human anatomy and even microbes. Science geeks, these are awesome!

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We’ve all seen Game Of Thrones jewelry featuring house sigils and whatnot, but Daedra Jewelry takes her designs to creative new places. The House Targaryen-inspired antique silver necklace pictured above is a perfect example. Two dragons frame a Swarovski crystal that can be customized to the color of your choice.

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These gorgeous Gallifreyan pendants are the work of Washington State-based artists Illyana and Kristen. They use a fan-made version of the language created by artist Lauren Sherman to hand-paint each 1.5″ pendant. They’re glossy sealed to protect the finish and come on an 18-20″ silver chain.

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