Cosplayers Annie Ragnarek aka honiidbardo and Denis Pima Pimenov have created a fantastic Star Wars cosplay story called The Baneful Mask.

Photography by cxalena.

The story starts with a padawan discovering a Sith artifact and learning an important lesson from her Jedi master. See it unfold below. [click to continue…]

jedi belle top

The last time cosplayer Elizabeth Rage was featured here, she was cosplaying Belle as Slave Leia. This time around, Belle has some Jedi training and a new Lumiere lightsaber made by @jedi_dude_jay and @ltoycreations.

Check out more pics below.

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At first glance, I thought this Star Wars Jedi Cowl Dress by WeLoveFine was cool, but it wasn’t until a took a closer look that I realized just how amazing it really is.

First off, any dress with a hood gets extra points from me, because I love that look. But the fact that this dress is a true cowl style means you have multiple options when it comes to style.

Wear the cowl up, as more of a scarf, or down on your shoulders depending on your mood. Throw in a pair of black leggings and boots and you’re set for a comfortable cosplay.

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star wars earring sets

These Star Wars earring sets will keep your look fresh for days and days. If you prefer the path of the Jedi and support the Rebellion, you have a six pack of earrings that includes Threepio, Yoda, and the Rebel logo. If you’re rooting for the Empire, there’s a 6 pair set with Vader, Boba Fett, and The Emperor among other designs.

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hope love hoodie

The new Star Wars Rebel Hope and Empire Love hoodies from Her Universe are already a great way to show your love for the Dark Side or the Light. But Her Universe has put together a bundle for those of us who may live life on both sides of The Force depending on the day.

The bundle also means that you’ll save $15 vs. buying them separately.

It’s like Ashley Eckstein just gets what it’s like to be a Star Wars fangirl, or something.

Product Page ($65)


Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, also known as the man behind Lowcost Cosplay, may be my new hero.

We wrote about Lowcost Cosplay back in March and we have a whole new bunch of awesome and super cheap cosplays to show you.

Check out some of our favorites after the break.

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jedi slanket header

Cosplay just got incredibly easy. Just take this Jedi sleeved blanket to bed with you, wake up the next morning, put your arms through the holes, and tada! You’re ready to head out into the world and share your knowledge with Padawans. Don’t worry if you look tired and grizzled, it just makes you appear to be more wise.

This cozy wrap has a hood, pockets, and is made from polyester. At 62-inches wide and 68-inches tall, you’ll have plenty of room to get snuggly.

Product Page ($24.99)


This Star Wars cosplay features members of Ireland’s Emerald Garrison in an incredible series of photographs by Kamil Krawczak. There’s a little bit of something for everyone from Dark Side to Light Side with a stunning Asajj Ventress cosplayed by Annas Black and Darth Malgus that we’ve featured in the past as cosplayed by Julian Checkley.

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UCF Jedi

Florida has a few cool things going for it. The state has the Kennedy Space Center, Disney World, and the UCF Jedi. A guy at the University of Central Florida seems to dress like a Jedi on a regular basis to counter the words of preachers spreading words of intolerance and judgment. The UCF Jedi stands up next to them and speaks of the Jedi way, and he even carries a copy of The Jedi Path with him. He is my new hero.

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jedi in training

Amazingly enough, Yoda will personally train you to be a Jedi for only $12! Better hurry though, his price goes up tomorrow.

Product Page ($12)