Japan-based footwear manufacturer Narageta has reimagined traditional Japanese wooden “geta” sandals by giving them a feline twist. The result are these cat-shaped offerings dubbed “Nyarageta” – a name which combines “Nya” (meow) and Nara (the city where they’re made). [click to continue…]

Japanese designer Miyuki has created a series of “deco lashes” that make it easier to give your makeup/cosplay an extra magical vibe. The range includes flower, butterfly, frozen tears, Sailor Moon-style starry designs and more. Check out more examples on creepy mannequin eyes below. [click to continue…]

Japanese lifestyle brand Its’Demo has unveiled a follow-up to their adorable beach-themed Pokemon cosmetics collection with a new, botanical-themed collection that might be even MORE adorable. The collection includes everything from compacts and makeup palettes to water bottles, pouches and some ridiculously fantastic slippers. [click to continue…]

We have been very happy to see more and more retailers make a push into the plus-size market in recent years, especially when it comes to fandom fashions. There is definitely money to be made there, and popular franchises are really starting to take note. For example, Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe managed to get Sailor Moon on board with a fantastic collection for her plus-size label, PUNYUS. Check out some of the styles below. [click to continue…]

A Japanese site called K.Uno sells a stunning Cinderella-themed carriage necklace made out of 18K gold, white gold, and silver that features details like hinged doors and a glass slipper pendant. The carriage is designed to separate from wheels when worn. [click to continue…]

No skinless Titan necklaces here. In fact, this officially licensed Attack on Titan jewelry collection from Bandai is actually…pretty. [click to continue…]

Japanese lingerie brand Peach John has made a name for itself creating offbeat collections based on popular properties like Sailor Moon, One Piece and Pokemon. However, they really outdid themselves with this Kirby 25th anniversary line. Most of it appears to be designed as sleepwear, but I know that some of you are just dying to step out dressed like a whoopee cushion. [click to continue…]

Japanese beauty brand Creer Beaute is dipping back into the Sailor Moon makeup game with a series of moisturizing lipsticks that change color depending on your skin’s pH level. [click to continue…]

The Sailor Kimono combines two of Japan’s iconic garments (the kimono and sailor suit schoolgirl uniform) into one versatile outfit. You can wear it in several different ways, but my mind instantly turned to Sailor Moon cosplay—just add these tights. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Japanese lingerie company Peach John is following up on their official Sailor Moon and Pokemon collections with a new series based on One Piece. The designs look more suited to the beach than the bedroom however. [click to continue…]