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goldeneye belt

Make a fashion statement by embracing the memory of the best Nintendo 64 game ever: GoldenEye 007. Fashion designers If Industries remembers the good ‘ole days and came up with two belt buckles inspired by the game. One features a remote mine, and the one other is modeled on a proximity mine. Yes, they’re amazing, and no, they’re not available for sale – not yet, anyway.

See more pics as well as a video of the belts after the break.

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Forget dressing like 007 – everyone does that. It’s much cooler to go as the awesome N64 game cartridge version of Goldeneye. Anyone who spent an insane amount of hours playing this game will appreciate the epic-ness of this costume. You, sir, are a genius!

(Reddit via Gamefreaks)

The debate ends right now because here’s the shirt to back up the claim. Much like James Bond is licensed to kill, Han Solo is licensed to shoot first. There. End of discussion.

Product Page ($20 via shirtoid)

OPI is know for both its beautiful nail polish and its great polish names. Your nails aren’t red, they’re “Kiss Me On My Tulips” and they aren’t pink but “Pink-ing of You.” Now they’ve introduced a line of 12 polishes to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of James Bond. Each polish is named for a film and includes an appropriately spy-like description. Bond would approve.

See a close-up with all the polish names after the break…

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Ash does his best super-sexy spy impersonation in this James Bond/Pokémon mash-up. He’s got the tux and the attitude and is even wielding that pokéball like Bond’s Walther PPK.

Product Page ($24.54 via Gamefreaks)

You think James Bond is cool and molecular bonds are for nerds? You obviously don’t understand science, without molecular bonds we would have nothing. But who gets the hot women? It isn’t the molecular bond.

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Apparently, the Algerian love knot necklace Vesper Lynd wore in Casino Royale also plays a role in the upcoming Bond film Quantum of Solace. Prop replicas of the necklace are available, but I can’t promise it will make you look as ridiculously hot as actress Eva Green (pictured after the break).

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