If you wear t-shirts, congratulations – you’ve just been stereotyped. Hit the jump to check out the complete graphic and find out just where you fit in.

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Instant Hourglass Figure

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While I don’t think I would risk being caught wearing Flash underwear in the gym locker room, I must admit that Target has some pretty sweet superhero tees and other gear right now.

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As principal photography begins on The Dark Knight rises, so does the viral marketing campaign. The blitz has begun with the first image of Tom Hardy in costume as Bane, which was revealed by playing a little Twitter game kicked off by a bizarre audio recording on the blank Dark Knight rises website.

Spectrograph analysis of the recording revealed the hashtag #TheFireRises, which generates an automatic reply with a link to this page, showing a Twitter profile mosaic that eventually becomes a clear photo of Bane.

I’m sure we will see plenty more marketing stunts by the time The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20th 2012.

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I was hoping the full body mustache would catch on, but I think monkey tail beards are going to be the next big thing in stupid hair.

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This has been a big year for Spider-Man and his wardrobe. He’s teamed up with the remaining members of the Fantastic Four, he’s died on Broadway and…just plan died.

This print from Etsy user geekasms shows all of the various outfits he’s worn in the past year.

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This is how Stormtroopers that are between Death Stars make ends meet.

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Never say these four words to your hairstylist.

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Looks like it integrates both a nerdy and a Native American heritage in one tattoo.

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Hellgirl [Cosplay]

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