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Makeup artist Tamang Phan is planning a series of “creepy, cool” videos for the Halloween season, and kicked off the effort by showing the world how to create a “double vision” makeup effect that will not only terrify, but hurt the eyes and brains of all who come into contact with you.

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haunted mansion nails

The Haunted Mansion in Disney theme parks is full of creepy. From the dark and dusty wallpaper to the ghosts to floating candles – I still get chills when I go on the ride. Sometimes those chills are from the air conditioning, but it counts.

Anyway, if you’d like to keep the vibe of the Haunted Mansion with you at all times, Disney has a fancy tutorial to help you transform your fingernails. You’ll add haunting stripes and burning candles. Oooh, spooky!

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Giant sandworms made Arrakis a dangerous place to mine, and now you can bring some of that power into your home with a few easily obtainable materials. Instructables user canida was inspired to make a Shai-Hulud costume from Dune after seeing a cheap play tunnel for kids. That combined with fabric, posterboard, wire, and a box made up the basic materials. Add time and persistence and tada! Sandworm! That’s much easier than Leto II’s transformation into one of the massive beasts and also makes more sense. I suggest also making spice to carry with you when you wear the costume.

Get the full how-to on Instructables.

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sweater pants top

Cozy sweaters are one of my favorite things about cold weather. They make you feel enveloped in warmness. Steven May thinks your legs and butt should get to share in the joy your arms and torso get from sweaters so he’s come up with swants. Sweater pants! Sure, they may look a little silly but how many of us wear tights with character faces all over them? This isn’t so different. I bet this guy can’t wait to make a pair to match his cat sweater.

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jack skellington makeup

What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes! It’s an easy to follow Jack Skellington makeup tutorial. Just in time for Halloween, too – all you need to add is a suit and a ghost dog. Seriously though, I’m impressed at how Redditor user CarlyPaigeMakeup broke the seemingly complicated Nightmare Before Christmas look down into such easy to follow steps. Even though I’m horrible with cosmetics, I’d be willing to try this because she’s laid out the steps like this. All the gold stars, er bats, for her!

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don't panic towel messenger bag

Don’t panic and always carry a towel! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is full of useful advice, and it’s worth putting some of it into practice. Blogger Nerd by Night came up with an easy way to be prepared and to always have your towel by crafting a towel messenger bag. It will keep you hidden from unsavory creatures and hold all of your adventuring supplies. All you need to make the bag is one large towel and a sewing machine. Yes, it is that simple. Check out the full tutorial.

(Geek Crafts via Neatorama)

gimli hair beard

If you have long hair and would like to be a dwarf from Lord of the Rings for Halloween, you don’t need to invest in an awkard fake beard. You can just braid your own hair. Teacher Marcella Clinard dressed up as Gimli for Teen Read Week and used her hair (it falls to the middle of her back) to create his epic beard. It’s exceedingly clever and the end result looks pretty spot on. She gives the details on how to transform your locks in a tutorial filled with pictures. I think Gimli would approve.

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Tard the Grumpy Cat is freaking everywhere. You may as well go with it and put her on all your clothing – including your shorts. iLoveToCreate contributor Suzie Shinseki has transformed a pair of denim shorts so that Grumpy Cat’s unhappy eyes stare out the back pockets. It just takes some bleach, some paint, and time to complete the transformation. Tard won’t approve of the finished product, but everyone else will.

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Step 1. Get a cheap black bra to customize. Step 2. Use an Adafruit Flora Arduino wearable board, a photocell detector sensor, X-wing and Death Star appliques, and make a Star Wars LED Bra that makes R2-D2 theremin-like noises. Whew. Okay, it’s a tiny bit more complicated but those are the basics as written by Instructables user caitlinsdad. He’ll walk you through a step by step to create the coolest bra the Empire has ever seen.

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abacus bracelet

Math is an evil word for some of us. The subject scares me and occasionally gives me anxiety. You see, I can’t do math in my head and often have to rely on a calculator or pen and paper. However, if I owned an abacus bracelet I could add and subtract in the coolest way possible. The accessory is a little involved to make – you need access to a power drill, some lumber, wood veneer, etc – but the instructions are laid out in 12 clear steps on Instructables. Click the link below to learn all about making an abacus bracelet of your very own. With any luck, the creator will decide to make these for sale someday.

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