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We never knew we wanted to dress up like an Ewok, but after seeing this tease of a new Her Universe hoodie it’s all we can think about! Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein teased the new product on Tumblr writing “For all of the Ewok lovers out there, this one’s for you!”

It looks like the photo was part of a shoot for new products that will be coming soon. Eckstein also offered a sneak peek at some cute  Star Wars and Doctor Who-themed dresses. No word on when these might be released, though the #sww2014 tag used on the Ewok post may indicate we’ll see the Star Wars designs appear at next month’s Star Wars weekends.

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Her Universe will be presenting the first-ever geek couture fashion show and design competition at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and if you’re an aspiring designer then your fashions could appear in the show. Initially, there will be thirty contestants chosen from the pool of submissions. Anyone can win by entering a design at Her Universe. These have to be clothing designs, not cosplay costumes, and they can come from any fandom, but must be submitted by April 4th.

Thirty winners will be chosen by April 18th and they’ll have their fashions featured at the show. Designers can choose to have a model wear their work or they can choose to strut down the runway in their own design. Those thirty contestants will then be whittled down to two grand prize winners at the show with one being chosen by an expert panel of judges and the other being selected by the audience.

Grand prize winners will each get the chance to co-design a Her Universe fashion collection for Hot Topic along with Ashley Eckstein (who happens to look fantastic in this Darth Vader couture piece).

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valentines gifts

Valentine’s Day is creeping closer and closer, and you don’t want to be left in the themed aisle of the grocery store scrambling for a box of chocolate and flowers at the last minute. We’ve got a few ideas for the special geek girl in your life that are sure to brighten her Valentine’s Day—or any day for that matter.

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glow in the dark i love you i know

Star Wars sleep shirts are the best sleep shirts, and Her Universe has a smashing new style. The glow-in-the-dark nightwear features the Millennium Falcon on a field of stars with “I love you.” Honestly, I could leave it there and call this my love letter to the Millennium Falcon nightgown, but there’s more!

When you flip out the lights, the phrase “I know” glows through the dark. It’s creative, fun, and not like any other Star Wars merchandise I’ve seen. You can order one just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Product Page ($32)


This fantastic shirt is a great tribute to the Eleventh Doctor. He may be gone, but with this shirt, you can be certain that Matt Smith will never be forgotten.

Product Page ($30 via The Mary Sue)

Boba Fett tank dress

Even if you own Mandalorian style armor, you probably don’t want to wear it every day. It’s awesome but not so comfortable. If you want to look like Boba Fett but also be able to move around easily, try this tank dress from Her Universe. The cotton/spandex blend has a close fit and is printed with Fett’s armor and jetpack. It’s pretty on its own but would look extra adorable paired with a red sweater and some colorful tights.

Check out the jetpack on the back of the dress after the break.

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10th doctor A line

Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe has such a great imagination for clothes. Where some people are happy to slap a logo or a name on something and call it a “Doctor Who” dress, Ashley goes all out and creates an A-Line dress of the Doctor’s outfit.

She’s done both the Tenth Doctor and the 11th Doctor. Both of these adorable dresses are in stock now.

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doctor who 10 and elizabeth

The Doctor Who 50th had plenty of surprises including the story of the 10th Doctor and Queen Elizabeth I. We’ve seen her act upset with him at various points in the modern series, and now we know why: he married her and never came back. Oops. This t-shirt features a portrait of the couple featured in “The Day of the Doctor.” You can read Elizabeth’s letter to the Doctor in the background.

Product Page ($16.88)


This Star Trek shirt is most definitely for the ladies. It was designed by Jeremy Sniatecki as part of the “Make It Sew” contest at ThinkGeek and it shows an image of the USS Enterprise merged with the female gender symbol. This is the perfect shirt for all the lady Trek fans out there.

Product Page ($21.99)

TARDIS cardigan

I spend quite a bit of money over at Her Universe. I can’t help it; they keep releasing such cute products. However, now that they also have cardigans I’m just going to sign over my paycheck. This freaking adorable TARDIS design is the first sweater they’ll be selling, and it will be available on Cyber Monday. I layer cardigans over my t-shirts all the time, and I can’t wait to get this one!

And it gets better. Fans asked whether we’d be getting any Star Wars cardigans, and Ashley said those would be coming in the spring. Yay!

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