This unbelievable footwear was made by Japanese designer Masaya Kushino as a part of his Bird-Watched collection. It was inspired by artist Jakuchu Ito who painted real animals in unique ways back in the Edo period of the 18th century.

Masaya makes custom women’s shoes inspired by nature, and although some of his designs can’t be worn and are intended only for ogling, these pieces are actually wearable. They’re currently on display at the Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art and will be making their way to the US where you’ll be able to see them later on this year at the Brooklyn Museum.

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wonder woman heels 1

Whether you need fancy footwear for a fun geeky outfit or shoes for an occasion like prom or the wedding, Etsy seller Death Star Doll has you covered. She not only makes nerdy shoes, she makes super classy designs. Her Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and Pulp Fiction designs look like they were printed that way instead of modified. It’s seriously impressive.

She takes custom orders and turnaround time is two weeks.

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unicorn shoe

You don’t need to sprinkle fairy dust on your toes to make your feet more magical, you just need to buy heels adorned with a fantastical creature. These striking unicorn heels are part of Irregular Choice’s upcoming spring/summer 2014 release. They’re rather dazzling. I love that they are both covered in sparkly gold stars and also have unicorn heads instead of pointy heels. Please note the unicorn’s horn is also gold and shiny.

Note: no actual unicorns were harmed in the production of these shoes… as far as we know.

(SM via BB)


These Adventure Time heels are almost too pretty to wear. They’re handpainted and made-to-order in your specified size with an all-over design that includes Finn, Jake, BMO and more. There’s even a rainbow of Swarovski crystals covering each heel.

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pantone heels 1

If you want to add some bold colors to your feet, look no further than these stylin’ Pantone chip heel designs by Christian Goldemann. He wants to work with Christian Louboutin and Pantone Universe to make them real. Yes, the Pumptone line is just a concept for now, but I don’t see how Pantone could resist this hot design. They are a no-brainer anyone that likes colorful heels, and one would hope that they would be successful enough for the line could be extended to include flat ballet type shoes and maybe sneakers. I’m dreaming big.

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Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 5.55.16 PM

The perfect shoes for tearing up the dance floor, or chewing it up as it were. These shark shoes are designed to look just like the toothy creatures, including a little suede tail and side fin. They’ve also got jeweled eyes and a set of white leather teeth surrounding the toe all complemented by a sparkly sequined heel.

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mlp shoes

I admit, I’m not real sure how I feel about these.

(WeHeartIt via Neatorama)

star wars wedge heels

The tricky thing about covering heels in comic book images is that there isn’t tons of room. That’s not the case when you use wedge heels though! Etsy seller Decko Fab uses the larger canvas to make a statement with these Star Wars heels. They feature the stars of the original trilogy as well as Clone Troopers and a lightsaber wielding Yoda. They’re decoupaged, and you can place custom orders for shoes featuring your favorite comics or magazines.

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maleficent heels top

Ready to make your footsteps sound more ominous? Designer Kobi Levi is here to help. He’s come up with a Witch-Craft line of heels inspired by Disney’s villains. The gorgeous shoes carry the themes and colors of the baddest antagonists in the realm. He’s based designs on the Evil Queen, Maleficent (my favorite), and Ursula. There’s a lot to adore but in my opinion, the best part about these shoes are the side profiles. Check out the photos after the break to see what I mean.

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The Unicornicopia is perhaps the most magical shoe you will ever own. It features an upper with a galaxy full of jewel shaped constellations and a beautiful white unicorn whose mane is blowing across the shoe. Finish it all off with a 1″ platform and a 5 1/4″ heel that’s covered in silver sparkles and you’ll be practically dancing down the street.

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