You’ve got your choice of two different Firefly-themed trucker hats to keep things all shiny. The brown hat features the Independents’ patch with the star upside down just like on the show. The white hat has the builder plaque that’s on the bridge of Serenity. Each has six panels with an adjustable snapback closure.

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it's a trap hat

Admiral Ackbar is known for saying, “It’s a trap!” In case you’ve forgotten the line, this trucker hat will slap you in the face with neon yellow to remind you. The foam hat features the quote and a small Rebel Alliance symbol and is sure to be noticed wherever you wear it. Possibly because you’re blinding people with it.

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If you’re aiming to join up with the Transformers, you have to keep two things in mind. One, you’re a person, so you’ll need a disguise (duh). Two, you need to pick a team: Autobots or Decepticons? Well, this officially licensed, one-size-fits-most Optimus Prime trucker hat features a built-in mask that will help you blend in with the Autobots. If you’re thinking of doing some dastardly deeds, then you’ll need the Decepticon Trucker Hat pictured after the break…

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This is the ultimate headset for the gamer who likes military games. The helmet has three different camouflage covers as well as a detachable boom mic, 3.5mm jack to RCA audio cable connector, Xbox 360 Talkback cable, Mini USB Cable and wireless audio receiver. It’s compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, PC, and Mac and will having you looking cool (or maybe like an idiot) no matter how badly you get fragged.

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This is so much better than that silly red and white striped hat that other cat wears. It’s made with little styrofoam planets painted with acrylic paint then embellished with glitter. I’m not sure the average cat would wear this for more than ten seconds, but it would be the best ten seconds of that cat’s life. Of course, he might kill you in your sleep as revenge, but, whatever.

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ewok hat

People have a love hate relationship with Ewoks. Even if the furry little creatures annoy the bejeezus out of you, you can’t deny they’re a tiny bit cute. They do have the teddy bear vibe going for them after all. This handmade hat by Etsy seller Mary Originals has all the adorable features, and it’s sized for kids and small adults.

Product Page ($40 via Technabob)

Batman Cape Cap

Are you ready to embrace the superhero lifestyle? If so and you’re not quite ready to commit to the full on utility belt and underwear on the outside, consider this hat instead. It comes with a built in cape. You can save the day and look like you have a weird mullet all at the same time.

Product Page ($21.99)


The Dire Wolves are an imposing lot, but this mask gives them a run for their money. It was custom made as a commissioned piece by Epic Leather. The mask includes vegetable tanned leather, oiled leather and coyote teeth which make it look extra fierce.

Product Page (Prices Vary DeviantArt via Obvious Winner)

Fleece hoodies and crocheted hats are so yesterday. Embrace your inner animal and choose one of these Merrimaking Animal Hoods to keep you warm instead. They are all handcrafted from faux fur, and have ears and are very realistic – you know, in case you want to be mistaken for a bear. Besides the wolf pictured above, you can be a fox, a polar bear, a brown bear, or a leopard.

Choose wisely.

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This crocheted Magikarp hat is handmade by Etsy seller Savannah Mitchell with acrylic yarn and measures about 20″ from tail to fin. Each one is custom made, just for you, so contact the seller directly to commission yours. It takes about 4-6 weeks from the time you order to receive your head-swallowing hat.

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