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The owls are going to be pissed. [click to continue…]

With this Harry Potter 5-pack Harry earring set, you can represent Hogwarts differently each day of the work week. Slytherin on Mondays. Hufflepuff on Fridays.

Harry Potter Crests Earring Set 5-Pack ($19.99)

These bags are small in size but big on nerdy style with Harry Potter and Pokemon themes to choose from. They’re perfect for carrying around your necessities. [click to continue…]

Cosplayer Ginny Di is back on FG with a fun series that puts a Harry Potter spin on classic Gil Elvgren pin-up art. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

Underoos has unveiled a Harry Potter Hogwarts collection designed for grown-up witches. As fantastic as that is, there is one rule to keep in mind. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen a lot of body paint projects over the years, but it usually involves transforming into a character. Australian makeup artist Georgina Ryland, on the other hand, used her body as a canvas for a truly spectacular Hogwarts painting. You can see the work in progress in the time-lapse video below. [click to continue…]

You’ve been accepted into Hogwarts and you’re on the Quidditch team. That means you’re jacket worthy. Wait, you’re a muggle? Oddly enough, Hogwarts is selling these jackets online to anyone. Typical—sports teams are all about the merchandising these days. [click to continue…]

We recently shared a spectacular Diablo III pre-wedding shoot by photographer Mezame. Now it’s Mezame’s turn.

On December 16th, Mezame married the lovely Mizdesert in a ceremony that journeyed from Middle Earth to Azeroth. [click to continue…]

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Trunk Crossbody Bag does, in fact, have a magical power. And that power is the ability to sell itself. I mean—holy friggin’ crap.

It measures 8″x6″x4″ with a 100% polyurethane shell and 100% polyester lining.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Trunk Crossbody Bag ($52.42 – 25% off)

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It may not be as elaborate as these handmade owl scarves, but this Harry Potter Hedwig scarf is officially licensed, comes complete with a Hogwarts acceptance letter and is affordable at $20. [click to continue…]