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I know, you want this to not be real. But it’s real and it was Instagrammed by the tattoo artist who did it.

I got nothin’ here.

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Golden Snitch Sandals

The Golden Snitch is an elusive ball in Quidditch that’s worth a lot of points. You don’t have to fly around on a broomstick like the Seeker to catch one though; instead, you can put the object on your feet with this shoe design by Instructables user mactothefuture. She used an existing pair of sandals that fit her and mocked up a pattern that she cut from leather. She made everything from the soles to the Snitch, and the sandals look comfortable and stylish.

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This beautiful Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter features cosplayer Alena-Koshkar in a costume that’s still a work-in-progress. Yes, she’s aware she’s got the wrong wand but otherwise it’s an amazing effort.

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Hogwarts leggings 1

One of my favorite scenes in all the Harry Potter films is in The Sorcerer’s Stone when the first years see Hogwarts for the first time. The view from the boats is positively enchanting and is the last nudge that pushes you in the magical world. These leggings from Hot Topic capture that moment perfectly and wearing them would just make me smile all day long.

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The Boy Who Lived is one of those characters who will be popular for years and years to come. I think the Harry Potter franchise will have tremendous staying power, and that we’ll be seeing cosplayers portraying Harry and his friends for a while. Misty B.’s son dressed like the young wizard at Dragon Con last year, and he really looks like Harry. I wonder how many spells he knows how to cast.

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This gorgeous steampunk version of Rowena Ravenclaw from Harry Potter features cosplayer Aleta Pardalis in a costume she designed. She made the light-up wand and designed the crest which she spent over 30 hours setting with rhinestones.

Photographed by AnimazeGuy-photosNXS, Bryan Humphrey, and Beat Down Boogie.

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sonic the wizard

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These Harry Potter Deathly Hallows over-the-knee socks will look fantastic with your shorts and skirts this summer. They feature an allover print on a 70/20/10 polyester/nylon/spandex blend so they’ll fit nice and snug and you won’t have to worry about constantly pulling them up all the time.

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nerdy tees 1

Have a favorite fandom? Etsy shop The Inklings Reserve probably has a neat t-shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt design that’s got it covered. They have creative prints featuring Pacific Rim (I’m drooling over the Gypsy Danger t-shirt), Batman, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and many more. The tops are available in various sizes for children, men, and women, and you can even choose from different shirt and ink colors. Basically, you have all the options.

Because each shirt is customizable, it’s made to order. The shop has a 5-7 day turnaround time for each design, but it looks like the wait is totally worth it.

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