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harry potter owl tattoo

Look closely at the design of this Harry Potter-themed tattoo as a whole. When you see it…

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pensieve ring box

This custom Harry Potter Pensieve engagement ring box is the work of Paul Pape Designs. It’s one of several amazing Harry Potter-themed ring boxes he’s done over the years.

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Wizards and muggles alike have begun leaving socks in front of a Dobby statue that’s part of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London in an attempt to “free” him from his glass prison. They’re also posting to Twitter under the tag #freedomfordobby. It’s an adorable way to pay tribute to the most loyal creature of the wizarding world.

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tena leviathan

Rather than being horrified, Natalia Tena seems kind of bewildered and amused by the encounter. Then again, I suppose an Auror would be more chill about this sort of thing.

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Kristin of SuperSpaceChick is a lucky lady. She was treated to an elaborate week-long Harry Potter-themed engagement that started with an unexpected letter from Minerva McGonagall stating that she had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The letter arrived on official Hogwarts letterhead, sealed with wax, and even had owl scratch marks from travel. Kristin suspected her boyfriend Andrew Gallagher, a talented graphic designer, was behind the wonderful letter but the reason behind it was a mystery. All she knew was that additional instructions would follow.

For the next seven days,  Kristin received more letters from characters at Hogwarts with exciting clues and wonderful presents. The magical adventure led the couple to The Strand bookstore in NYC where Andrew got down on one knee and presented Kristin with a ring in a custom made snitch ring box. Of course she said yes! Duh!

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These Harry Potter Hogwarts Over-The-Knee socks are stylish and functional. Got scabby knees from Quidditch? Handled. Need to stay warm but robes will trip you in a dungeon? Fixed.

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The Triwizard Tournament is one of the most exciting events in the Harry Potter saga. Relive the adventure with this Triwizard Tournament tee. Etsy shop Way Cool Tees makes these fantastic designs from ultrasoft soft ringspun cotton and there’s tons of styles to choose from.

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10358253_hi edit

It’s been a while since we saw the Hogwarts first year students take that fateful boat ride, but this lovely dress is a unique way to remember that beautiful moment.

This Harry Potter First Year Boats dress features a sublimated pattern of that iconic scene on the front and back, with a view of the boats and Hogwarts.

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It’s almost back to school time, and if that school happens to be Hogwarts this Rucksack of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be ideal for carrying your books, robes, wand and more. I solemnly swear that this bag is everything a wizard (or muggle) could possibly want.

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Villain or hero, everyone could use a good bag to carry their supplies. Newts eyes are messy, secret maps need to stay secret. Even the Huntsman probably put the box the Evil Queen gave him into some sort of saddlebag.

You may not be carrying hearts (at least I hope not) or bat wings, but you still need something to hold your stuff. Seems to me, bags that show off the magical fandoms you love are a good thing.

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