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These Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn-themed caged-back sports bras are the perfect thing to spice up your workout wardrobe. Bonus points if you’re into kickboxing or gymnastics. However, I recommend leaving the tiara and baseball bat at home. [click to continue…]


The cosplayer known as The Infamous Harley Quinn is well known for being a dead ringer for Margot Robbie. Now she’s unveiled her Suicide Squad-inspired “dream shot” for the character with a little help from Melbourne City Batman, photographer snaphappyian and editor raquelsparrow. The dress is the work of Te-Elle. Check out more pics and a video below. [click to continue…]


Cosplayer Kristin Killtastic sent us these pics of the Harley Quinn magic she worked on her roommate’s 8-year old daughter for Halloween.

She wanted be Harley Quinn for Halloween so I made her a costume and she rocks it better than most adults!

We have to agree—the most adorable Harley Quinn ever! Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Reader Karmin turned us on to this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn tattoo done by the talented Trey Flores at Exotic Ink in Tyler, TX. Check out the entire piece below. [click to continue…]


Looking like the person who portrays the character you’re cosplaying isn’t a prerequisite, but it never hurts. The cosplayer known as the Infamous Harley Quinn is pretty much a dead ringer for Margot Robbie, and she’s got the Suicide Squad cosplay down pat. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


This Harley Quinn cosplay came to us via Ginger Armadillo Costumes, who says she wanted to keep the feel of Harley’s original jester costume with a touch of realism. I’d say she managed that beautifully. Here’s how she put the look together:

I made Harley’s corset from some scrap yardage of a beautiful red and black brocade. With red ribbon channels and black lace trim, it’s fully steel-boned (and lined with flannel for extra comfy!) Harley’s pants and jacket are both modified thrift store purchases. My mask is Worbla and carbon-fiber-patterned automotive vinyl. My Harley wig began as an Arda Chibi. I cut out about 1/3 of the volume, hand-colored the roots, severely cut the bangs, and restyled the pigtails. A painted Nerf gun serves as my pistol. Lastly, I repainted a pair of Harley Davidson boots found at my local thrift store (because they were perfect, but also for the pun!)

Photography by Studio Henshin Photography. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

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Fashionably Geek reader Artur sent us some pics of custom nerdy hoodie designs by Hoodied and they are pretty spectacular. Take a closer look at some of the recent designs below. [click to continue…]


Here are two flavors of outstanding Harley Quinn cospaint by makeup artist Queen Of Luna. Let’s go ahead and add these to her gorgeous collection of Suicide Squad-themed transformations.

Classic Harley Quinn Cat

harley quinn cat

Our friend Izabel Cortez has shared her new and improved Harley Quinn cat. It’s an even better match to her own spectacular Harley Quinn cosplay.

You can keep up with Izabel’s cosplaying cats on their Garfieldzilla Facebook page.


Once again, we are in awe of Phi Phi O’Hara (of Rupaul’s Drag Race fame). We’ve already featured Phi Phi’s take on ’90s cartoons and My Little Pony, and this time it’s all about the characters in Suicide Squad for the 365 Days Of Drag series. Check out the rest of the collection below. [click to continue…]