We were all impressed by the movie-quality Rocket Raccoon costume Christina Borchardt made for her 6-year old son. But now we get to see what actually went into the build.

Starting in June of this year, Borchardt chronicled her work as it progressed on the Replica Props Forum. Everything was entirely made from scratch, including Rocket’s head which she designed using a plaster mold of her son’s face. She then sculpted the entire face and cowl, attached faux fur which was shaped and painted, and affixed teeth to a movable upper and lower jaw.

Her work is so good that even James Gunn took notice and gave it a shout out on Instagram.

Check out more photos of this parenting win after the break.

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“I really wish we could sew his mouth shut again”.

We now have an answer to just what was going on in that Deadpool/X-Men picture Ryan Reynolds recently posted and it’s f*cking hilarious.

Never, NEVER let Deadpool babysit.

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baby mechwarrior

YouTuber theKylenator recently gave his infant son the most powerful weapon known to man: a mechwarrior suit!

Actually, it’s just a cardboard costume—theKylenator is wearing the suit, and he’s simply holding his son to his chest. Admit it, you were scared for a second there.

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creepy halloween 2

Michael Tapson was all about safety first this Halloween. His approach was unique, but undoubtedly super effective:

My daughter and I spent a weekend creating our vision of a machine-animal hybrid and the little girl it protects. We are excited to terrorize our neighborhood this Halloween!

Watch a creepy video of the duo after the break…

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As you can see from this pic, Christina Borchardt has a knack for creating movie-quality costumes.

Christina made this awesomely realistic Rocket Raccoon costume for her son Chase to run around in on Halloween. According to her Facebook post, she made the costume entirely on her own from scratch, and even though she didn’t get a chance to “distress” the lower leather portions, her son was very happy with the finished product. No doubt!

(via Mashable)

ryan reynolds

There’s no doubt that Ryan Reynold’s twitter is a general source of delight, and he was at it again this Halloween.

It appears that Deadpool happened upon a group of young X-Men cosplayers while trick-or-treating. He used the opportunity to send a message to 20th Century Fox that was pretty perfect.

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Five-year-old Sebastian Bailey definitely had the coolest costume on the block this Halloween. The Baileys are pretty well known in their neck of the woods for creating great Halloween costumes, and this year the family made Sebastian–who has cerebral palsy–a stellar Millennium Falcon costume.

The Baileys made the Falcon by hand, and it’s designed to wrap around Sebastian’s walker. It also features tons of LED lights, a cool glowing “propulsion system,” an audio unit that streams the Star Wars theme song, and a button that, when pressed by Han Sebastian, plays a clip of Han Solo’s voice.

Check out some more pics and a short video of Sebastian’s Falcon after the break…

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I can barely handle how awesome and adorable this Agent Carter cosplay is. If Eleanor came up to my door on Halloween I would just give her the entire candy bowl and be thankful that I didn’t dress up as a Marvel villain.

When Eleanor asked her mother Luciana Mallozzi to make an Agent Carter costume for her, Luciana jumped at the chance. Of course there’s always a price to pay. She notes:

My kids are pretty spoiled because they know I can probably make anything they ask for. I’ve already made the Labyrinth ball gown, various Disney princesses, Jessie the Cowgirl, the Flash, Deadpool and a bunch of others so I’ve sewed myself into a corner here…

Well, the effort is worth it if you ask us. Luciana is the person to thank if these photos made you smile on a Monday.

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killing joke makeup

Everything was coming up Joker in makeup legend Rick Baker’s family this Halloween. Can you believe that this Killing Joke version is actually his daughter Veronica?

His other daughter Rebecca was Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker (unbelievable), Rebecca’s husband was The Man Who Laughs (the original inspiration for the Joker), Baker’s wife was Harley Quinn, and Baker himself went for the New 52 Joker.

Seriously, how cool would it be to have a dad like Rick Baker at Halloween?

See the entire family after the break…

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nph halloween

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David take Halloween very seriously. Every year, I look forward to what they’ll put together.

This year, it’s all about Star Wars. They went original trilogy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a Star Wars: The Force Awakens version next year.

See the full picture with their twins after the break.

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