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This guitar necklace with a pick holder will keep you prepared in the event of spontaneous rocking.

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guitar braceletThis guitar bracelet will show the world that you are a starving artist who is dedicated to the music. Couple this with the phrase “I’m a musician” and more often than not your friends will no longer expect you to pick up a tab, leave a tip or pay rent.

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volume broochIf you wear this brooch to a party, here’s the sad truth about what will be going through the mind of every man you talk to… Either “damn, I wish that thing really worked”, or for the more active imagination, a sequence of events in this order: 1. Eyes go to your chest  2. Willpower turns the volume knob to zero 3. Eyes remain on chest.

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Geisha Rock


Even the Geisha have been forced to provide more modern forms of entertainment. Next up: rap.

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Ok, I get it—your a musician. Now all you need to complete this lame ensemble is a sleeveless shirt with music notes on it. Yeah, that’s a good look for you.

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It is all well and good that Rambo was able to live off the land and defend himself with his special forces training. But did they teach him how to jam out on a guitar? If not, that is a serious hole in his training.

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Not only do these two keychain instruments play music, but you can control the tempo by how fast you strum the guitar or use the bow for the violin. It won’t help you start your car if your battery is dead, but at least it will give you something to do while you wait for a ride.

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It’s Dueling Time

People used to choose between pistols, derringers and swords. Today they have to choose between guitar, bass, microphone and drums. I think I prefer the modern day version, it comes complete with a cool soundtrack.

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The little guitars on this shirt have a definite resemblance to pictures I saw in eighth grade health class. I guess if any of them are able to actually fertilize the record we will be treated to a classic album, like something Pink Floyd would have released in their heyday. Otherwise it will have to live its life as a Britney Spears release.

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