ghost rider

ghost ride cosplay 1

Genderbending costumes has become more common over the last five or so years (as it should), but just when I think I have seen it all I spot a costume like this one: femme Ghost Rider. Holy crap, it’s fantastic. Cosplayer Holly Brooke says it’s actually an Alejandra Jones costume but she has it listed as that and lady Ghost Rider so… Either way, she has a scary makeup job and a vibrant wig (to which she added several hand-dyed extensions) and I’d probably back away from her slowly if I ran into her on the streets. She looks fierce.

Photos by Lucky Monkey Photography.

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These adorable made-to-order felt pins/magnets are being sold to help raise money for Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider whom Marvel recently counter-sued for a paltry $17,000 over money he made for appearances attached to the Ghost Rider franchise (Friedrich signed away his rights to Marvel back in the ’70s and unsuccessfully sued Marvel for a cut of the movie profits). At this point, Friedrich isn’t allowed to make a living from his own creation in any way.

It’s within Marvel’s legal right to do this, but the morality of such a move is another matter. Plus, the issue is complicated by the fact that Friedrich is destitute and suffers from serious heath issues. He may even lose his home.

That having been said, proceeds from these pins/magnets are going to a worthy cause. The pins themselves appear to be sold out (though Etsy seller DeadlySweetPlushes might take custom requests), but you can stil help through charitable efforts set up by 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles, comic artist Neil Adams and others.

(via Super Punch)