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sexy gandalf

Apparently, Australia has a tradition called “Muck Up Day” that involves high school seniors getting dressed up on their last day of school and pulling pranks. 18-year-old Tjitske Van Vark took it upon herself to be “to be the sexiest one there.” Uh…mission accomplished?

Needless to say, Tumblr had a field day with it.

Van Vark admits that she’s amused by the prospect of giving people “a thirst for Gandalf” and the messages she’s received from people planning to copy her creation for Halloween.

“The idea of having raised an army of Gandalfs in fishnets is honestly fantastic.”

I’m thinking a separate Dumbledore faction should be developed to make things even more confusing. Then…THEN develop a dance routine and make a super weird and sexy wizard parody of Thriller.

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We all think of Gandalf as a (usually) grey-clad, long white-haired, big hat wearing, male wizard, right?

Well, cosplayer Jessica Nydegger has a different take on Gandalf and, while the main elements are all here, she’s definitely put her spin on it.

Photography by The Hermitage Photography.

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Gandalf tattoo

When I picture Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I think of the wizard in his pointy hat and holding his pipe and staff. Pretty much exactly what’s on display in this incredibly detailed tattoo. I can’t get over all the lines on the staff showing the wood grain and the crosshatches on the glove – it must have taken forever to complete.

This image was taken from a few angles, stretched, and stitched together in order to show off the full tattoo. The ink was done by Matt at Blue Cardinal Tattoo Littlebrough, Manchester, England.

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gandalf tattoo

Gandalf tattoo by Gavin Clarke at Obsession Tattoo Studio. Send your nerdy tattoo pics to

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gandalf the fabulous

Redditor gnatman64 wins Halloween.

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Gandalf Hoodie

Wizards need a few items to be successful: a staff, a pipe, and the perfect robe. A robe can be hard to find though so this hoodie will suffice. This Gandalf hoodie is just the thing for going wizard casual during off hours. It’s grey, has a pointed hood, and the emblem features the mark Gandalf left on Bilbo’s door, Glamdring, and pipes. And don’t worry, it’s appropriate attire for all pubs in Middle Earth.

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Gandalf’s robes are more than just comfortable – they have plenty of room to conceal all the supplies he needs during his travels. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. The wizard has extra pipes, plenty of pipe-weed, a comb, an EyePad, and even plaid boxers.

This image from the LotR Project will be available to purchase as a poster soon!

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I know Gandalf would smite me with his wizardy magic, but I’m not convinced the Snorlax could stop me. Nope, not convinced at all, but this shirt is still adorable.

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Apparently, Gandalf shows up at the University of Minnesota during exams to give students the confidence they so desperately need.

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A Serious Tolkien Tattoo

Gandalf on My Back

Awesome Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings trilogy tattoo.

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