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game of thrones

If they ever made a live-action version of The Incredibles, Maisie Williams is ready to take on the role of Edna Mode. Here we see her trying out the look. I also hear that she’s swearing off capes. [click to continue…]

You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to love this Daenerys-inspired Dragon Queen dress from Elhoffer Design. It’s gorgeous, and it has POCKETS! [click to continue…]

Wim may have just turned 50, but the epic Game of Thrones-inspired photoshoot that he set up to celebrate the occasion certainly indicates that he has the spirit of a young man. His family and photographer Sheridan’s Art found it inspiring, calling it “dealing with a midlife crisis the good way”. [click to continue…]

HBO has released a series of bizarre promo videos featuring characters from their various properties mimicking the signature HBO hum sound. Within those videos you’ll find the cast of Game of Thrones sporting some sweet new outfits and stupid looks on their faces, you know..because of the hum sound they’re making. [click to continue…]

Last year Storybook Cosmetics burst onto the scene with their wands brush set and magical eyeshadow palette. Those items proved so popular that they began shifting gears into licensed brush designs, and they hit the ground running with a rough concept for a lightsaber set. Well, it appears that we have an update on that front (pictured above), along with two new concept designs that would undoubtedly make Game of Thrones and Doctor Who fans very happy. [click to continue…]


Awww. Just look at this lil’ Jon Snow. That’s the cute part. A Reddit commenter chimed in with the following clever response… [click to continue…]


Yeah. Only Peter Dinklage can do it better than Omar Diego Milla. Check out the full photo below. [click to continue…]


The northern part of SDCC apparently.

(via Justin Bolger)

got hair comb

Etsy seller Woodartukraine doesn’t mess around when it comes to Game Of Thrones-inspired hair comb designs. GO BIG OR GO HOME TO WINTERFELL.

The shop is filled with several slightly different variations on this design (not to mention other awesome non-GoT related designs), and they won’t break the bank at around $25-$30 each.


Yesterday we shared this gorgeous GemFire ring worn by Cersei in the Game Of Thrones season six finale. Today we have more pieces of jewelry either inspired by or worn on Game of Thrones by Mey Designs.

If you want a replica of one of their GoT show worn designs, they have the winged and wingless versions of Dany’s Drogon choker from the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6. They also have replicas of her Dragon Storm hand wrap and Flight neck cuff. Or you can get a GoT-inspired piece like their Dragon Egg line or Armour line.

All of the pieces are beautiful and definitely worth looking at just for the “shiny things” value. Check out more designs below. [click to continue…]