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squirrel barrowman

My mind can’t even process the awesomeness of these photos. Thank you John Barrowman—you’ve brought a smile to the face of a dude working early on a Saturday morning. We also need to thank Elhoffer Design and Jessica LG for making these costumes happen.

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I have to say that Fan-O-Rama is among the most impressive fan films I have ever seen. If you were disturbed by that realistic Farnsworth cosplay from a while back, prepare for a much more intense and thorough creeping out. [click to continue…]


Cosplaying with one giant eyeball can’t be easy, but Holly Brooke had a clever solution to this problem. With the help of Keroga Forge who fabricated the gun and Lucky Monkey photography, Holly totally nails the character.

Check out her full Leela awesomeness after the break.

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Clobberella futurama costume

Clobberella is The New Justice Team superhero identity of Leela in Futurama. She has super strength, super speed and invulnerability and all she had to do to get her powers was apply a miracle cream. Cosplayer Markie Gaddis definitely had to put more effort than that into making her take on the Clobberella costume. It’s colorful and is a close match to the one from Futurama.

Photo by F. Santos.

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As you could probably guess by their previous Zoidberg cosplay, the guys at Tested are big fans of Futurama. They recently made a crazy-detailed cosplay mash of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, and I have to say that it’s unnervingly realistic. We recently featured a picture of this cosplay, but now we know were it came from—and there’s video!

You can watch the entire process of making the mask after the break.

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good news everyone

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Photo by Nicole Grieco.

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Are you ready to see Zoidberg from Futurama come to life? Because the result is intense. Effects artist Frank Ippolito worked with Tested on an epic Zoidberg project and designed the costume from the ground up to fall somewhere between the cartoon and realism. He worked from a face sculpt, went to foam latex, and built up from there. Tested and Ippolito go over all the details of making the costume, and it’s simply amazing.

See the ultimate Zoidberg costume come together in the video after the break.

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