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Are you ready to see Zoidberg from Futurama come to life? Because the result is intense. Effects artist Frank Ippolito worked with Tested on an epic Zoidberg project and designed the costume from the ground up to fall somewhere between the cartoon and realism. He worked from a face sculpt, went to foam latex, and built up from there. Tested and Ippolito go over all the details of making the costume, and it’s simply amazing.

See the ultimate Zoidberg costume come together in the video after the break.

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doctor who deals

Which will it be? The Fourth Doctor in a jar or the Fourth Doctor in a suicide booth? Either way, these Futurama/Doctor Who mashup shirts will only going to set you back $11 each. Grab it while you still can!

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robot santa

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Unfortunately, Robot Santa is going to be your judge, jury and, quite possibly, your executioner.

On the plus side, you can score this glow-in-the-dark, Futurama-themed t-shirt for only $11 if you act quickly.

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This is the latest in a long line of incredible nail art by KayleighOC that includes everything from Doctor Who to Hobbits. Each nail is painted in the colors of the Planet Express spaceship from Futurama including a 3D version of the actual ship on one nail.

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It’s the Nibble that doesn’t cease! Even if Futurama did just get canceled (again), you can take comfort in knowing that mash-ups will live on – just like this Nibbler-Galactus one by beware1984. This is one destroyer of worlds I recommend leaving alone.

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Zoidberg Nails

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futurama parks

What do you love more—New New York or meat? Futurama or Parks and Rec? These shirts are only $10 each today, so if you can’t decide, just get them both!

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First Date Outfit

Or so the story goes. I’m sure she was embarrassed when he kept shouting “shut up and take my money!” to every waiter and cashier that evening.

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