Nico-Tech (NicoNico) is a site that’s popular with hobbyists, and one user named Frisk_P recently shared this sexy steampunk creation.

Frisk has a thing for fashion and steampunk, so he created a unique steampunk heart rate monitor that actually works! Basically, it’s a modern heart monitor that’s attached to a thigh garter. The monitor features a heart rate circuit board that reads blood flow via a photoelectric transistor (so yeah, it’s not steam-powered). Then Frisk added a few rivets and brass fixtures to give it a real Victorian vibe. You can check out a video of the monitor in action after the break.

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Also, Frisk has some other unique fashion-y steampunk projects that he’s shared on Twitter in the past, and we posted some of those below as well.

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png copy

All a boy needs is his cucco.

Peanuts and The Legend of Zelda get a fun mash-up in this t-shirt that depicts a Charlie Brown version of Link that appears to be so relaxed that he barely registers the continuous stream of “Hey! Listen!” lines coming from Navi.

Check out another pic after the break…

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benny and bad cop

Cosplay by Noemi Romero Costumes.

See Benny chatting with No-Face after the break…

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These four guys decided to challenge each other to see what kind of cosplay they could devise with a budget of just $5 in a dollar store. That’s right, just five lousy dollars and unlimited creativity was all these guys were allowed. The results are hilarious, and impressive.

Zero – Mr.Niko Chu
Iron Man – The Will Box
Thor – ThatGuyYouKnowww
Mega Man – Douglas Paredes

(via Kotaku)


Che Saunders of Auckland, New Zealand and her new husband Ford are both animators and they wanted a super low-key picnic wedding that was all about fun, family and geeking out.

One of the ways they accomplished it was by taking the strain out of the dress code and having each of their bridesmaids pick out their own Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors fit ‘n’ flare dresses from WeLoveFine.

That’s one way to make sure everyone has a dress they like (that they’ll wear again). Hats off to Che and Ford.

Check out some pictures after the break.

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A Super Fun Jinx Cosplay

jinx cosplay

This League of Legends Jinx cosplay by cosplayer Ely Renae is all sorts of fun, from creation to finished product.

Check out more pics after the break.

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jane austen tattoos

While many people look at Jane Austen’s characters as being too persnickety and goody goody for something like tattoos, I get the feeling Lizzie Bennet would have been the type of girl to get a tattoo had they been as acceptable as they are today.

After all, Austen’s female characters were definitely more on the adventurous and cutting edge side for England in the 1800’s.

Not to mention, these temporary tattoos are a fun way to show your love for her work and be a little cheeky at the same time. I personally like the “Imprudent” lower back tattoo. But I’m scandalous like that.

These Jane Austen Tattoos come in an illustrated tin that contains 22 temporary tattoos in all.

Product Page ($7)

google eye glasses

Googly Eyes are coming back in a big way, thanks to Bonnie Burton and Anne Wheaton’s VandalEyes shenanigans. So we wanted to make sure you could get your own Googly Eyes at a moment’s notice.

Whether it’s Googly Eyes Glasses, Googly Eyes Suckers, or just Big Googly Eyes; Archie McPhee has you covered.

They even have a VandalEyes Starter kit for those of you who may want to play but can’t quite figure out how you want to start.

Have fun VandalEyesing!

Morse Code Bracelet

Send a special message of compassion with the Morse code bracelet. The beads on the bracelet aren’t just put together in a random pattern; rather, each spells out a special message in Morse code with the themes of “peace”, “beauty”, and “kindness.”

Give it as a gift to spread the good vibes or get a couple for yourself to amp up your mojo. Hit the break for other bracelets in the series.

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Gaige Cosplay

This is an awesome cosplay of Gaige the Mechromancer from Borderlands by Kirakira Cosplay, which was photographed by Falling Feathers. Kirakira did a wonderful job at capturing Gaige’s playfulness, sass, and colorful personality–both inwardly and outwardly–don’t you think?

You can check out more photos of the cosplay after the break.

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