We featured the first wave of Sunstaches mask sunglasses last month, but a whole bunch of ridiculous new options are on their way. We’re talking Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even Minions.

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Cosplayed by Haley Taylor.

Photo by Grant Brummett.

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I bet he gets around fairly quickly.

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If Barry Allen had a choice, he’d probably go for this Flash sweater instead of the spandex outfit. It’s more comfortable and it will keep you warm. It might not be made from the proper molecules to withstand high speeds, but most of us don’t have to worry about that problem.

Product Page ($50)

We’ve seen artist Denis Medri create a fantastic steampunk Spider-Man and now he’s taken on The Justice League. This time, he’s transported his superheroes back to the wild west and replaced spandex and capes with chaps and dusters. Wonder Woman takes the change particularly well with her lasso of truth, but Batman with guns at his side doesn’t quite feel right. Maybe he needed a couple of big knives instead.

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These are what all the superheros wear when they’re lounging around, recovering from a tough day saving the world from villains. These 50/50 cotton/poly sleep pants will keep you nice and comfy until morning when you’ll have to save the world all over again.

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The traditional morph/skin suit is about to get a superhero makeover for 2012 with these Flash, Superman, Batman, Robin jumpsuits. There’s even a cool ninja version. Just remember that your arch nemesis Awkward Boner will stop at nothing to take you out while wearing these.

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Now picture Pikachu donning the red Flash suit.

This t-shirt is currently on sale for only $10! Grab it while you can because the deal disappears tomorrow.

Product Page ($10/Today Only)

Nice hat, bub. Wolverine is ready for action on this 100% polyester baseball cap embroidered with your favorite hero and the iconic X-Men symbol. I bet he’d love this cap, or want to shred it to pieces depending on his mood. That could pose a problem, but I bet if you smile really pretty he’ll let you live.

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Costume Craze is gearing up to release a series of zombie costumes based on DC Comic’s Blackest Night featuring undead versions of Batman, the Joker and the Flash, with more offerings expected in the future. The costumes will be available for pre-order shortly, and are slated for release sometime this summer.

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